Bangladesh Sant Mahamandal Proposes Rebuilding Ramna Kali Mandir

bangladesh_map12BANGLADESH, August 15, 2014 (Sant Mahamandal): A federation of saints organization, Bangladesh Sant Mahamandal (BSM) and the Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM) in its joint meeting on June 15, 2014 resolved to rebuild the Ramna Kali Mandir. A joint statement will be issued to appeal to the Hindu community of Bangladesh and abroad for their cooperation and donations in this regard. It is also resolved that dharmagurus, sadhus, sannyasins, priests, savaite, organizers of temples and human rights advocacy groups in Bangladesh would appeal to the government of India for reconstruction of the historic Ramna Kali temple complex with proper use of Hindu architectural know-how and for funding.

Shri Shri Ramna Kali Mandir was built on 2.22 acre land in Dhaka in the later part of the 14th century. The Ramna Kali Temple was built by the Dasanagthi group of people who were followers of Sankaracharya. Swami Gopal Giri of Badri Narayan Joshi Math came to Dhaka about 600 years ago and first founded a monastery at Ramna village, says the historian Prof. Muntashir Mamun of Dhaka University. At that time the monastery was known as Kaatghar. Subsequently, the main Temple was built here by Swami Haricharan Giri in the 16th century. The temple was bulldozed by the Pakistani Army on March 27, 1971, during the Bangladesh War of Liberation.

Source: Hinduism Today