Bangladeshi (Non-Hindu’s) infiltrators problem is rare in India…


Bangladesh strongly opposes erecting a fence on the border between Indian and Bangladesh. Himayatuddam, foreign Secretary of Bangladesh has reiterated their stance. He has emphatically stated that centres imparting training to terrorists did not exist in Bangladesh; but the ruling parties in this country are adopting a cowardly policy out of fear of spoiling relations between the two countries. It is therefore, a matter of concern whether these people are really worried about India’s security and integrity.

Out of 120 State Assembly seats of Assam, in 56 Constituencies, result will depend on Bangla Deshi infiltrators !

In West Bengal, Marxists are encouraging such infiltration instead of putting a curb, only to strengthen their hold on ballot boxes. Congress is only responsible for the sin of infiltration in Assam. Assam’s Congress Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi is not ready to draw wrath of infiltrators keeping an eye on next year’s Assembly elections; even though, it may lead to putting national security in jeopardy. It is presumed that out of total 2 crores infiltrators in this country, only Assam has about 60 lakh infiltrators. These infiltrators are capable of deciding results of 56 Constituencies out of total 120 in Assam on the strength of their population; therefore, with the support of Sonia Government at Centre, Gogoi Government has stopped activities to drive away these infiltrators.

Rulers are extremely mild towards the problem of infiltration !

Whether it was the then Central Home Minister, Shivaraj Patil or Home (State) Minister Satyaprakash Jaiswal, they were unnecessarily showing too mildness towards curbing the problem of infiltration; much unbecoming of the posts held by them. The problem should be considered from the viewpoint of humanity, was the excuse given by them for such apathy. In fact, they should cancel the border between India and Bangladesh. The Government machinery, researchers and scholars have slogged and made special efforts to collect details about the infiltration but in Parliament of this country, doubts are raised about the truthabout such data collected; therefore, when India’s claim of Bangladeshi infiltrating India, is refuted by that country, how to take them to task ?

There is no fence on the border of 272 kms strentch near Assam with Bangladesh !

Lt. General Sinha had prepared a detailed report on infiltration when he was the Governor of Assam. Ajay Singh, who took over the post from Sinha, had also accepted that 6000 Bangladeshis were entering India in illegal manner every day. The scheme of Central Home Ministry to drive out 3000 such Bangladeshis from India every year was discarded in the month of April, by considering it as not viable for implementation.

In border area, there is undeclared rule of Bangladeshi smugglers, terrorists and criminals. They are getting help from our corrupt police officers, Border Security Force and their agents in India. As a result, Bangladesh border has encroached many kilometers inside Indian border. The border of Bangladesh with Assam is 272 kms. long; but still no fence has yet been erected on this border.

Infiltrators are openly cultivating cannabis and
providing explosives and weapons to Maoists out of its illegal sale

India’s enemies have a free hand. In Assam’s Barak valley and West Bengal’s border districts, infiltrators bring provoking audio-video material; therefore, Islamic fundamentalism is increasing in these areas. Mulla-maulavis from Murshidabad have issued ‘fatwa’ to impose economic and social boycott on people who are followers of ‘Sufi’ Sect and who promote humanitarianism. Also, these infiltrators have established dominance over ‘Panchayats’ of Nadia and Malda districts; for which they get full support of local Marxists and mafia. Hindus are shifting from these areas as they are scared for their life and infiltrators are buying their lands at low costs and cultivating cannabis. From the smuggling of cannabis in illegal manner, fundamentalists and Maoists rebels are provided explosives and weapons.

Congress’ warning not to trouble (?) minorities !

The Government’s indifference towards this wrong doings is unpardonable. In few districts of Assam, there have been reactions against this stand. Chirang Chapori Yuva Morcha from Dibrugadh has imposed economic restrictions on the infiltrators. They feel that infiltrators should not get jobs or work. The infiltrators have therefore, changed their direction towards Dhubadi, Golpara, Kokarazar, Morigaon and Naugaon, these 5 districts. Their increase in population has totally disturbed religious balance of population in these areas.

All Assam Students’ Union, Assom Communal Yuva Chhatra Parishada, Tai Ahom Students’ Union and MOTOK Students Union have also taken stance against infiltrators. Initially, these organizations had support from Congress; but as it observed that BJP and Assam Gana Parishada hold was becoming strong, Congress warned these organizations to keep away from minorities. All Assam Minority Students’ Union, a secular organization immediately demanded with State and Central Government to take stringent action against the communal leaders who were harassing minority working class. The native Hindus have fear that whether they would lose their original identity as the influence of people, who call themselves as minority, is increasing. It has led to increase in social and political tensions. Sparks flying from there are bound to inflame fire of jihad in other parts of ‘Purvanchal’.

Will the rulers see burning coal under their feet ?

Bangladeshis are in forefront in inciting riots by distributing VCDs of denigration of Hindu Deities in rural strips of South Bengal. Under Sonia Government, a strong bond has been developed between Marxist Communist Party and Congress; therefore, nobody is bothered about the problem of infiltrators. ‘The Global Migration Crisis’ is a famous book written by a scholar, Myron Weiner in which he has given statistics and percentage of foreign population in 47 countries in the world. In this list, name of India does not appear anywhere as Indian Government has not published data of such refugees/ infiltrators and the only reason for this, is Muslim vote bank!

There is lack of coordination in border- management between security agencies and intelligence machinery of the Central, State Governments. There is no effective arrangement and method to keep an eye on matters related to border security. The standpoint on infiltrators is also affected with internal opposition.

The present Government will have to try their best diplomatic strategies to stop the attack of outside population and to get support of international viewpoint on this problem; but do our diplomats have the skill to obtain such sympathy and support ? Does the Government have political will to bring forth the problem and get it solved ? Those, who are capable of going to any extent for acquiring power by overlooking problems, may not see the burning coal under their feet.

(Based on the article written by Shri. Bibhuti Bhushan Nandi, former additional Secretary of RAW; published on 23-24 June 2005 in ‘The Stateman’, Kolkata) (Ref.: Vivek, 7th August 2005)

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat