BCSC Seminar on “National Security And Role of Mighty Media”

Dear Friends,
With your kind patronage, we have been in position to reach final stage of organizing yet another high-value seminar which will go a long way in not only sensitizing the citizens of India about the real threats to security India faces but also to make media aware of onerous responsibility they have to discharge in spreading the awareness about the counter-measures all Indians have to take!
As always in three hours’ limited time of the short seminar like ours, time management is a challenge. However, subject expert of great eminence will be in position to concisely communicate the thoughts to the informed and enlightened audience such as you! 

The detailed time schedule is indicated in the enclosed program. The theme paper is also enclosed once again along with the seminar’s background paper. The short bio-profile of the speakers is given therein. 
Our entire team is looking forward to welcome you to the seminar and hoping for a very enriching evening to be made more meaningful with your presence and contribution.
Since hall’s seating capacity is limited, we will feel obliged if line of confirmation about your presence for the seminar is sent to us. The confirmation of your presence is solicited to avoid inconvenience to you and embarrassment to us! 
With warm regards 
Capt. SB Tyagi
General Secretary

BCSC CARD final 2015



Source: World Hindu News (WHN)