Bengal Government’s apathy to Hindu students – Unbound

What a disparity!!
No stone is being left unturned to hassle, persecute Hindus by the reigning Bengal government while Muslims are being rendered undue advantages in every sphere, let alone grants to Imams. But all these fail to match if the rising disparity between educational facilities provided to Muslim students and Hindu students are thought over.
While the Madrasa education is attaining governmental graces, governmental education or mainstream educational scenario has become sordid due to lack of attentions and by now, the situation is such that paucity of teachers has become a general feature in all these schools.
Take the Madrasa schools for example. While in one such school there are 10 students and 6 teachers, in the other one 7 teachers remain available to take care of a handful of students (for example 7). The Calcutta Madrasa comprises both Urdu and Bengali mediums. Urdu medium enjoys students galore while only 10 students are in the Bengali medium. But the number of teachers here is 6; 1 for English literature and language, 1 for Arabic, 1 for Life Science and 1 for Philosophy. 2 teachers are also ready to teach Bengali in the primary level. But due to the dearth of students, teachers remain free and except signing the register of attendance they have nothing to do. Yet these schools are enjoying governmental benedictions round the clock.
But governmental schools like Mitra Institution, Jadavpur Vidyapith, Hindu School and also Hare School (each one of these is known for excellence in areas of education and extra-curricular activities) suffer from paucity of funds. If any truth seeker visits these schools, he will be amazed to note how rising governmental indifference to these top-drawer schools, comprising Hindu students in particular, is ruining the educational system altogether.
An aged school teacher of Hindu School (on condition of anonymity) informed this scribe that paucity of funds has made the condition of school laboratory miserable. No new retort (vessel where substances are distilled or decomposed by heat) has been bought of late making lives of students vulnerable to dangers. The situation is same with the abovementioned schools while it is murkier in the districts.
While talking to parents of Hindu students, it came to the fore that they fear these schools may close down before long and fast deteriorating conditions make them scared stiff more. If any teacher retires, the position remains vacant and none knows when the new teacher will turn up.
Further researches, it can be said without doubt, will bring forth squalid facts (to a greater extent) only.
Hindu students face worst in Bengal.