Bengal – safest oasis for Muslim terrorists from Bangladesh

downloadIs any Trinamool MP at fault?

What has been reiterated through myriad reports published in this website thus far is being supported by others too now. The Indian state of Bengal is not only a safe passage for infiltrators from Bangladesh, ever ready to spread out across the rest of India, but the best haven for Bangladeshi terrorists also and in this regard, a political clique from Bengal is abetting them in every capacity. What is more, all these prove that the claim made by this website that a chunk of Jamaat-e-Islami leadership from Bangladesh had taken refuge in Kolkata during Shahbag protest of late was neither misleading nor wild.

The standpoint has been corroborated by a recent note of Intelligence Bureau sent to the Minister of State for Home, Shri R P N Singh. The note states categorically how the Islamic terrorist groups from Bangladesh are bringing in arms and ammunitions to India to wreak havoc in different Indian cities and the holey India-Bangladesh border is being used in this regard. It is worth mentioning, Bengal shares a border of 2,216 km with Bangladesh and the majority of it is yet to be fenced, if not more. And a large consignment of lethal weapons will enter Bengal soon. What makes the note more startling is the inclusion of names of a few leaders of Trinamool Congress (reigning political party in Bengal) alleged to render protections to cadres of Islami Chatra Shibir and Jammat-e-Islami (infamous globally for their recent onslaughts on institutions of democracy in Bangladesh and also on Hindus there).

According to sources in IB, even though this is no new development, there has indeed been a surge in the recent months and the complicity of several politicians in the ruling clique including a recently elected Rajya Sabha MP has turned up. What makes the apprehension graver is that some high-profile politicians with secretive links to SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India and also a banned outfit) are harboring Jamaat militants, sought by Bangladeshi authority earnestly. 40 dreaded Jihadi terrorists are in Bengal at the moment, in accordance with IB.

The catastrophe is not limited to Bengal only; it is spreading to the neighboring states best and in a faster pace than once can expect and hence, support of local operatives, yet to be tracked, is not being ruled out. A substantial educated minority youth population, well-versed with the prevailing legal aspects of India, is working as local operatives and this makes the search more difficult. Often, youths under banner of different organizations like Indian Mujahideen or Jamaat or even law-abiding NGOs do help them to make the success of IB to single out militants more arduous. Once they land in Bengal, they are whisked off to remote areas and even if local police has the information beforehand, it remains reluctant due to political pressures.

Above all, the name of Ahmad Hassan Imran, journalist and executive director of Muslim Bengali daily “Kolom”, confidant of Jamaat in Bangladesh and also correspondent of its newspaper, Naya Diganta, is being pinned down. Notably, he is an MP of Rajya Sabha from Trinamool Congress at the moment.

Well, many may assume this a dirty mode of IB to pick a particular minority community or to fault particular members of any political party. In that case, they are requested to go through the article written by Mr. Manas Ghosh, editor of Dainik Statesman, and published in the same daily on January 12, 2014. It expresses how Hasnabad together with Barasat and Basirhat have become haven for Jamaat cadres and other Muslim terrorists from Bangladesh. They come here for both shelter and medical treatment, are abetted by a large network of Muslim refugees from India to Bangladesh and disappear. This network of Muslim refugees, resolute to avenge their transportation, retains rapport with quite a few people belonging to Trinamool Congress.

Source: Hindu Samhati