Bharat a knowledge-based economy: Get there, Smriti, start with smritis of the great Hindu tradition.

Smriti Zubin Irani has the task cut out for her to reshape Bharat’s destiny as the 

rāṣṭram, the enlightened path for abhyudayam of the well-watered region.

Now that Swarajyam kraanti has been achieved under NaMo’s leadership, Smriti ji should take steps to reinforce Hindu civilizational identity in all levels of education and skill development of the youngest nation on the globe.
Jeevema s’aradah s’atam, Smriti ji. With your determination and adherance to dharma, the founding principle of Bharatiya identity, you will get there and the present and future generations of children will remember you for making it happen.

 Start with shastra education in schools at all levels. See the roadmap here: