Bhavani Sena giving apt reply to jihadis attacking Hindus : Shri. Pratap Hazra


During the 4th Hindu Adhiveshan, Shri Pratap Hazra, Dy. Chief, Bhavani Sena, Bengal said, ‘The situation in Bengal is very delicate. Trinamool Congress is trying to establish Islamic country in Bengal. The Central Investigating Agency has also submitted a similar report. It is very difficult to work for ‘Hindutva’ in Bengal; but we are trying. Hindu Janajagruiti Samiti and ‘Hindu Existence’ have always come to our help. Jihadi organizations had attacked Hindus some time back; but Bhavani Sena gave a fitting reply to them for which 6 of our members had to even go to jail. ‘Jamat-E-Islami’ organization has declared a prize of Rs. 50 lakhs for killing our members; still we did not budge from our goal and have continued our work. In one case of oppression of a Hindu girl, our organization took initiative in nabbing a fanatic mullah.’

He further added, ‘Some part in Bengal is known as ‘Chhota Pakistan’. Every year, we also work for protection of cows. Recently, we saved 58 cows. The condition of Hindus in Bengal is delicate; there is increase in cases of infiltration, love jihad, attacks on Hindus etc. Christians are trying to construct churches in villages and Muslims are building mosques. Sanatan Sanstha and HJS have started working towards the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra. Bhavani Sena is participating in this mission as per its capacity.’

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti