Bijapur : HJS protests against police for their rude behaviour while disseminating regarding Dharmasabha

Bijapur : HJS protests against police for their rude behaviour while disseminating regarding Dharmasabha

Bijapur (Karnataka) : Press conference was called on 20th December to give information regarding the harassment from police while HJS activists were disseminating the information regarding Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha organised on behalf of HJS. That time, Mr. Mohan Gowda, State convener of the Samiti, Mr. Vyankatraman Nayak, Mr. Ajit Vathar, Mr. Nilkanth Kanagal, Mr. Prakash Mirji of Sriram Sena, Mrs. Lata Fattepur etc. were present there.
The points presented by Mr. Mohan Gowda ……

1. Samiti has taken permission to hold Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha on 25th December on the ground of Darbar High School of Vidyavardhak Sangh in Bijapur.

2. With regard to this, permission to use microphones, to put up flex charts and  — also is taken from Nagarsabha office.

3. All arrangements from a small village to big towns are being done since last 2 months. Lot of money has been spent in making travel and lodging arrangements, for the chief guest.

4. Despite this, Bijapur district police Officer is creating various obstacles citing the  reason of communal tension but in reality, giving in to the pressure from local Muslim MLAs.

5. Local police department is creating obstacles like, taking away the vehicle spreading the news of the sabha on a loud speaker, cancelling the permission to use loud speaker for giving information of the sabha, delaying granting permission to vehicle rally, harassing the activists spreading the information of the sabha, trying to cancel the permission given for holding the sabha etc.

6. This is an attempt of the police to take away the right of Hindus spreading Hindu Dhrama in Hindustan having Hindu majority. It must be protested.

7. Police department is refusing to give in writing that, the permission will not be granted and on the other hand, giving permission to C.M. Ibrahim to hold a meeting at Sindagi and Bagewadi during the communal riots in Sindagi; but denying Hindus to hold a meeting despite having the permission from the department. What a contradiction ! This is injustice to the Hindus in majority and an attack on the personal freedom given by the Constitution.

8. It is contemptuous to deny basic right to the citizens. It is Hindus’ right to convene Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha. It is not organised for communal riots but to create awareness among Hindu brethren with regard to Dhrama. Hence a request to police department to give help to let the sabha be held peacefully.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti