Bio-Profile of Chand K Sharma

Chand K Sharma

Chand K Sharma


Chand K Sharma was born in 1940 at Dipalpur, a seventh century town in Sahiwaal district in the region of Indus valley civilization of pre-partitioned India. As a child he witnessed the blood bath that followed partition of India and moved to truncated part of India. He had his schooling at Delhi and graduated with honors in English Literature from University of Delhi. He left his post graduation in 1963 to join Indian Army and was commissioned in the Regiment of Artillery. He served all over India including field service during Indo Pakistan wars during 1965 and 1971, and retired from Army in 1990. Thereafter he served as Senior Personnel Manager in the corporate sector in Gujarat.

Even while on active service the passion for knowledge continued motivating him to earn post graduate degrees in Law, Personnel Management, Human Resource Development, and Master of Business Administration from various Universities. He is well versed in English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and notation systems of Indian and Western Music.

He has varied interests in literature, history, and performing arts. He is a Sitar and Key Board player and still regards himself a learner. He has been sharing his knowledge and experience in varied subjects with others as a free lance writer in English and Hindi.

At present he is settled at Delhi and has been a regular visitor to US.

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