Bio-Profile of Dr. Pravin Togadia


Dr. Pravin Togadia


Dr. Pravin Togadia is an Indian doctor and is the international working president of Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), an organization with presence in over 33,000 villages and cities and has 35 international sister organizations working for empowerment of Hinduism.

Dr. Pravin Togadia was born in 1956 at Amreli, Gujarat and is a cancer surgeon by qualification. He moved to Ahemdabad at the age of 10 and joined Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the largest Hindu organization with approx. 20 million members with myriad of sister organizations serving Hindus at social, Dharmic and political levels in India and abroad. Dr. Pravin Togadia practiced as a surgeon for fourteen years, and established a small hospital, Dhanvantri Hospital in Ahemdabad.

Dr. Pravin Togadia is a renowned Hindu leader of international stature and has successfully empowered Hindu movement in India. He has empowered VHP at an organizational and project level. He has the guiding ideologue for startup of Hindu helpline program which provide voluntary services for Hindus across India. More info can be researched at –

Dr. Pravin Togadia is also an eminent scholar on Hindu Dharma and has been an active believer in the philosophy of Hindutva – cultural nationalism. His decades of selfless service for Hindus have been key to Hindu Dharma sustenance, preservation and protection at socio-political levels in India and word wide. He is a well verse speaker and orator at multiple national and international forums and conferences. His followers and supporters regard him as an individual with courage, boldness and fearless leadership at national, regional and local unit level. During the 2002 Gujarat – Godhra Riots, where radical Islamists mob burnt 60 Hindus, VHP Gujarat unit was instrumental in protecting thousands of Hindus life and billions worth of property from radical Islamists mob.

He holds a bachelor’s degree (MBBS) in medicine and a master’s degree (MS) in surgical oncology.

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