Bio-Profile of Dr. Subramanian Swamy


Subramanian Swamy (born 15 September 1939) is an Indian politician and economist. He was the President of the Janata Party. Ideologically a staunch Hindutva proponent, he merged his party on 11 August 2013 with BJP. Swamy has previously served as member of the Planning Commission of India and Cabinet Minister of India. He has written on foreign affairs of India dealing largely with China, Pakistan and Israel. He is also a published author. In 1964, Swamy joined the faculty of economics at Harvard beginning as an assistant professor in July 1966 and in 1969 became an associate professor. Thereafter, he moved to the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and he was a professor of mathematical economics there from 1969 to 1991. He served on the Board of Governors of the IIT, Delhi (1977–80) and on the Council of IITs (1980–82).  He taught economics courses in summer session at Harvard until 2011. In December 2011, the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences removed his course from the Harvard Summer School offerings in response to a controversial article he wrote, effectively ceasing his employment at Harvard. Dr.Swamy now serves as Chairman of the School of Communication and Management Studies in Kochi. He has mentored, guided hundreds of Hindu leaders, activist, academicians in Asia, Europe and American regions. His know how on contemporary Hindu  issues and strategies to sustain Dharma is authoritative.  He is a Hindu Ratna Awaree by Vishwa Hindu Parishad. He is an author of renowned book – Hindus Under Siege: The Way Out  (Partial content @Source: Wiki)