BJP MLA submits 6-point charter to Bhopal collector to enter Hindu’s Navratre Garba Festival

raas-garba-18645While Hindu Utsav Samiti and BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma Tuesday submitted a six-point charter on participation of non-Hindus at garba venues during Navratri festival, the local administration did not commit to making identity cards compulsory, saying the measure was not practical.

Insisting that Muslim men enter garba venues in disguise and engage in anti-social activities, the six points in the charter state:

– Vande Mataram be sung at the beginning to awaken religious and nationalist feelings.

– Before allowing Muslim men entry, they should be asked to give an undertaking that they have full faith in “garba utsav of Hindu religion” and won’t defile its purity and decorum.

– Strict and immediate action against those spreading indecency and in matters of disputes caused by participation of Muslim men.

– CCTV cameras be installed at garba venues.

– Adequate protection and security for garba organisers who follow the above.

“We have not come to any conclusion. It will be impractical to insist on ID cards…I don’t think such instructions are warranted at the moment. We don’t have resources to install CCTV at garba venues,’’ Bhopal Collector Nishant Warwade said. State home minister Babulal Gaur refused to comment on the matter.

“We have submitted the charter. If something goes wrong the responsibility will fall on the administration,’’ Sharma said.  “We need ID cards even for a night stay at a hotel, here we are talking about a festival of nine nights,” he said. The local administration in Ujjain and Indore have already issued guidelines making ID cards compulsory for all, calling it a law and order issue.

Source: The Indian Express