‘Black Day’ observed at Azad Maidan, Mumbai to condemn arrest of H. H. Santashri, Asaramji Bapu

Mumbai – Shri. Sarveshji, a devotee of Santashri. Asaramji Bapu, said that flag of Dharma would be kept flying high till there are organizations like Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). He was addressing people during demonstrations held at Azad Maidan to condemn arrest of H. H. Asaramji Bapu. More than 300 activists from different organizations like ‘Shri. Yoga Vedanta Samiti’, promoted by Santashri. Asaramji Bapu, Sanatan Sanstha, HJS, Bajrang Dal, Durgavahini, IM Vaidik, ‘Bharatiya Yuva Shakti’, VHP and Hindu Rashtra Sena etc. participated in the demonstrations.

Mahamandaleshwar Shri. Sunil Shastriji said on the occasion that the demonstrations were not held for H. H. Asaramji Bapu but it was done for our personal spiritual progress. Santashri Asaramji Bapu was capable to do what he wanted; but it was an opportunity for others to take part in ‘Dharma-karya’. Shri. Bhaveshanandji Maharaj of Pujya Narayan Sai Ashram said that, “God takes our test for generating love and respect towards Dharma in people. We have to work continuously.” Shri. Narendra Surve of HJS said that, “Hindus have elected Shri. Narendra Modi with lot of expectations and hope; therefore, he has to stop injustice done to Hindus’ Saints; else Hindus would find another alternative.” Dr. Uday Dhuri, spokesperson of HJS for Mumbai said that, “we should get ready to establish Hindu Rashtra for prevention of the insult of Hindus’ Saints’ on a permanent basis.”

Demands and Resolutions  

Demand was made during this demonstration for conducting investigations, without any bias, into false accusations made against Santashri. Asaramji Bapu and providing required medical treatment to H. H. Bapuji, for his ailments. An appeal was made to exercise right of veto in Legislative Assembly elections in case the demands were not fulfilled.

Highlights :

1. Children from ‘Bal-sanskar’ class presented ‘silent’ road-show based on Sanatashri. Asaramji Bapu.
2. Devotees could not stop tears when the incident of H. H. Bapu’s arrest was depicted before them.

Shri. Sunil Shastriji admonishes police !

Mahamandaleshwar Shri. Sunil Shastriji said that today police have asked us to lower down sound of loudspeakers. We want to ask them that why did they keep quiet when fanatics were attacking police at the same Azad Maidan? Why did they not ask fanatics to lower down sound at that time ? We shall always support all organizations working for unification of Hindu youth.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat