Bollywood Activism: “Punjabi Hindu rappers and artists, who have entered Bollwyood from outside, have destroyed its image” – Imran Khan

imran-khan-759‘Amplifier’ singer Imran Khan, who has lent his voice for a song in upcoming film ‘Tevar’, says the new-age rappers might have become a rage with the listeners but they have not given quality music to Bollywood. Imran has made his debut in the Hindi Film industry with the ‘Lets Celebrate’ song and said he does not like the music of many hit hit hip-hop artists and rappers.

“Personally I don’t like their music. I feel it is just over-hyped. These Punjabi rappers and artists, who have entered Bollwyood from outside, have destroyed its image. Bollywood music is not about hip-hop but it is more about colours. “Hip-hop should be left to others. And if one attempts that, it should be done in a proper way but the current fusion of hip-hop and Bollywood, in my opinion, is not good. I will bring a change in this scene now. ” Imaran told PTI in an interview.

The popular Punjabi singer said before ‘Tevar’ he had turned down many offers by Bollywood filmmakers but Boney Kapoor (producer of ‘Tevar’) made him feel at home and he felt an instant connection with him.

“Several producers and actors had approached me earlier but I rejected the offers as I felt that they just wanted to use me. I did not feel right about it. “I am not a greedy person so I knew if I would make Bollywood debut I will make with a good project. When Boney Kapoor came to me, I felt like I met my lost family in India. He, Arjun (Kapoor) and everyone made me feel comfortable. I liked the film’s story. I am glad to have made my Bollywood debut with this film,” he said.

‘Tevar’, starring Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha in lead, is hitting theatres on January 9, 2015.

Source: The Indian Express