Brief about Hinduism

hinduismHinduism (say hin-doo-ism) is the religion.
The people who follow the religion are known as Hindus.

The Hindus have many gods, but they are all in a sense part of the supreme god,Brahman. The gods include Shiva, Rama, Vishnu, Ganesh, Lakshmi and others.

Statues of gods cover the roof of a Hindu temple in Singapore

The Hindu place of prayer is in a temple called a Mandir, or at home where a shrine has been set up.

Hinduism is an Indian religion, thousands of years old. It may be the oldest religion in the world, dating from prehistoric times. It is one of the largest religions in the world with hundreds of millions of followers around the world. It is the main religion in India, Nepal, for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, and for the people of Bali in Indonesia.

The elephant-headed god Ganesh, who brings good fortune

The holy books of Hinduism are the Vedas. Veda means ‘knowledge’.

Some Hindu beliefs and practices:

Hindus believe that life is a cycle of birth, death and rebirth. In other words, that every soul has more than one life. A soul passes through a cycle of lives, and a life depends on how the previous one was lived. A person who is not good in this life will have an unpleasant time in their next life. This is called karma, or fate.

Most Hindus are vegetarians: This means they don’t eat meat, or fish, or anything that comes from animals. Milk is the only exception.

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