Buddha didn’t quit Hinduism, says top RSS functionary

Flag_of_Rashtriya_Swayamsevak_SanghA top RSS functionary on Monday suggested that Lord Buddha never declared leaving Hinduism to form a new religion. Speaking at a condolence meeting, RSS joint general secretary Krishna Gopal blamed the British for trying to divide Hindu religion.

“Buddhists are not Hindus and Hindus are not Buddhist. There are deep differences between them; that one derives from Vedic traditions while the other follows non-Vedic traditions. Britishers tried to establish these beliefs deeply,” Gopal said at Jhandewalan.

“Buddhist intellectuals know that Lord Buddha remained a Hindu life-long. Never in his life did he declare to have quit Hindu religion or Sanatan religion or Vedic religion to form a new religion or sect. He never said so,” Gopal said. The RSS leader said Buddha only propagated values like mercy, love, compassion, and affection which, in fact, are the essence of Hinduism.

“Slowly, he developed a tradition of meditation. He proceeded on the tradition to overcome misery. Mercy, love, compassion and affection are the essence of Vedic religion, of the entire Hindu religion,” Krishna Gopal said.

“Yes, he distanced from some rituals. He did not address few questions because those issues used to create controversy. Whether God exists, whether aatma is real… questions are not easy to answer in a fashion where everyone could agree. That is why Buddha remained silent,” he said.

Source: Indian Express