Canadian Hindu leaders meet with police after temple armed robbery attempt

Temple thefts

Leaders from about a dozen Hindu temples met in Scarborough recently not to discuss spirituality, but safety and security.

Last Sunday night, a man and a woman burst into the Sri Varasiththi Vinayagar Hindu Temple at Kennedy Road and McNicoll Avenue and attempted to rob worshippers at gunpoint.

“It’s terrible what happened in temple because it’s a worship place. We go there to pray,” said Jeya Rajah of the temple. “Those people who do this, they don’t believe in God.”

The community leaders met with police, concerned about recent violations of their sacred places.

It’s the fourth time Rajah’s temple has been targeted by thieves. Last summer worshippers at other temples were victims of “snatch and grab” type robberies.

“But there’s nothing in the temple,” he said. “We have decoration pieces but they are not gold. I don’t know what they came for.”

The incidents prompted a police info blitz, but they don’t think any community is being singled out.

“I don’t like to use the term they are targeting any specific culture or community,” said Staff Sgt. Dave Rydzik. “Whether it’s in the Tamil community or Chinese community, if they’re wearing lots of jewelry or carrying lots of money, criminals will target you.”

The Toronto Police Hold Up Squad arrested two people in connection with Sunday’s attempted armed robbery, but are still looking for a third suspect.

Source: CBC News