Narain Kataria in New York


From left:  Narain Kataria, Prakash Velankar, Dr. C.B. Singh, Dr. Raj Gupta, Col. Singh (retd), Vishwajeet Chakravarty and friend.

Indian American Intellectuals Forum organized Chai Pe Charcha (Talk at Tea)  Sunday, March 16th  at Santoor Restaurant  in New York.  The aim was to give a boost to Shri Narendra Modi’s election campaign  and put him in the seat of the  Prime Minister of  India.

The meeting was addressed by several prominent community leaders listed below.  The gist of their speeches was as under:

Narendra Modi is the only harbinger of hope for millions of Indian people. Narendra Modi is the panacea of almost all the problems India is confronted with.  If you want corruption-free India,  vote for Modi.  If you want to create India of Swami Vivekananda’s dream, vote for Modi.  If you need purification of politics, stability and transparency in government,  vote for Modi.  If you believe in the slogan “Nation First, India First” vote for Modi.  If you want peace and tranquility in India, vote for Modi.  If you want terrorism to be weeded out from the Indian soil,  vote for Modi.  If you want to restore dignity to Indians and India vote for Modi.  If you want India to be economically prosperous and militarily strong,  vote for Modi.  If you want eradication of poverty and unemployment, vote for Modi.  If you want to control inflation, vote for Modi.   If you believe in the unification and consolidation of Indian state,  vote for Modi. If you want India to be respected in the comity of nations, vote for Modi.  If you believe in  “equality for all, appeasement to none”, vote for Modi.

The speakers emphasized on the audience to call at least 50 of your friends and family members in India, beseech them to organize door-to-door campaign in your village/city and make sure that they vote for Modi.

The  important and surprising feature of the event was that Narendra Modi’s candidature for the post of next Prime Minister of India was fully supported by  two non-Indian Americans; Joe  Concannon, Member of the Board of Directors of Queens Village Republican Club and Phil Ornstein, President of Queens Village Republican Club. 

The atmosphere was electrifying.  There was excitement, energy,  passion,  drive and dash clearly visible  in the eyes of the audience.

The meeting was addressed by the following speakers:

R.P. Singh, President of India First Aliance, Sri  Sidhwani, Pabitra Chaudhuri – V.P. Indian American Intellectuals Forum,  Phil Ornstein, President Queens Village Republican Club, Joe Concannon, Member, Board of Director of Queens Village Republican Club  and President,  Integris Security LLC, Jacob Cherian –Member of Queens Village Republican Club, Vibhuti  Jha, Dr. Nisha Pillai, Patanjali Rambrich, Dr. Vasu Moorthy, Rajyalakshmi ji,  Vinod Patel (Sardar Patel Foundation).   Surinder Verma recited an invigorating poem insisting on the audience to support Modi for PM.

Rakesh Bhargava acted as the master of ceremony.  Arish Sahani proposed a vote of thanks.   Earlier, Narain Kataria welcomed the audience.

Some more pictures:

picturewithVarmafrom left:  Surinder Verma, Rakesh Bhargava, Joe Concannon, R.P. Singh, Phil Ornstein, Mohan M. Pillai, Narain Kataria, and Arish Sahani.



From left:  Narain Kataria, Prakash Velankar, Dr. C.B. Singh, Dr. Raj Gupta, Col. Singh (retd), Vishwajit Chakravarty and one friend.




from left:  Sri Sidhwani, Lata Sidhwani and friends



from left: Arish Sahani, Narain Kataria, Phil Ornstein and Vibhuti Jha




from left R.P. Singh, Phil Ornstein and Moham M. Pillai


 Mrs. Suman Gupta, Dr. Raj Gupta, Sher Bahadur Gadtaula,  Kamal Pandey, Kishore Malik and  Rakesh Bhargava