Changing Mindset Of Hindus:Dr.Babu Suseelan


Dr.Babu Suseelan

Our Rishis, Acharayas have succeeded in giving an unusually rich and illuminating picture of rational thinking on man, nature and his relationship with the ultimate reality. They have offered thoughtful opinions on the possibilities and the limitations of the mind.  What it can contribute to civilization and other ingredients are required to assure peace, progress, harmony–or perhaps one should say, survival of society.  Our wise Rishis were great and they have analyzed human Minds and provided us a balanced view on both of science and human values. It helps us to t counteract the malicious doctrines, flourishing in this age of insecurity.  We as human beings usually forgot what our Rishis have said to preserve our culture, practice it and promote it for the benefit of the entire humanity. We forget to provide all necessary ingredients to man and nature and forgot our hearts and heads, depreciated our eternal Vedic culture, completely ignored the lessons of our history, and proclaimed that “all religions are the same”.

From the ancient days of our Vedic Culture up to the modern times, what we found is that Hindus have regressed from the highest conceptual state to a low perceptual state of tolerance and compromise with terrorists, indifference, apathy and denial. As a result, we Hindus were oppressed, humiliated, and discriminated and brutalized by invading Muslims and European Christian Missionaries. We were forced to accept desert, closed dogmas, Marxism, Maoism, and conversion Mafia and lost our strength and vitality. WE are still under un-freedom and lost tor ability to question our alien enemy’s mindsets.

Hindu world has changed. During the past two hundred years, Hindus have been challenged to answer many difficult questions posed by Jihadists and Evangelists.  Drawing from common sense, human reason, and our Vedic science, and a plethora of Vedic quotations, Hindu leaders were not able to respond or challenge our distractors. Hindus are still converted in 21st century. Hindus are not able to defend their territory and defend their culture. We have surrendered our freedom, our educational system and our media to our enemies.  Hindus avoid questions. Found comfort in violence of Maoism, Marxism, and aggressive terrorism of Islam or chicken soup from the Evangelists. In today’s emerging culture, Hindus must come of the so called comfort zone of apathy, indifference, and denial.

Hindus in India have desires and know their desires but do not know the reasons for their desires and hence live under the influence our enemy and their psychological warfare agents. Most misguided misfits in India are under the illusion of choosing freely.  Our enemy agents who are trained in mind manipulation and mental misdirection techniques are skillfully provide guidance, money and directives to do certain things to destroy our culture, heritage, and spiritual lifestyle. These deluded misfits do not consciously know what direction they are taking, their followers f0llow the illusion.

The deluded followers of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal will realize that their actions are producing the opposite results. Depp down, these Hindus will realize, that they are misguided, feels  weak, helpless, naïve, childish, cognitively confused, and hopeless. They may do dangerous things to please their slave masters, unable to overcome their fixation on foreign psychological warfare agents. They may do unconsciously and compulsively anti Hindu activities admired by our enemies. Many young, brilliant, conscientious, intelligent college students and youths can be falsely motivated, frightened to engage in anti-social activities.

Unfortunately, Hindus are open minded, liberal, and mystical.  They love differences of opinion,  and there is no religious, legal, governmental authorities to alter, change or retract the flow of desires, or identify skill fully trained psychological warfare agents .Professionals agents are aware of the problem and the inadequacy of our efforts at preventing such tragedy. Several AAA party, Maoist Miscreants, Marxist Criminals, Tamil Tigers will  come up in different parts of India unless our government, social critics, lawyers, journalists and novelists to present a comprehensive views on our enemy culture, the psychology, customs, attitudes and emotional, political responses of society to the problem.


Previously, A professor in Clinical Psychology and the Director of Addiction Research Institute, Pennsylvania. Is one of the Director of Indian Intellectual Forum, New York. He has written books & essays on issues Hindus and Hinduism are encountering in contemporary world. He has also given key note speeches at various American and International Forums

Source: Dr.Babu Suseelan