Chilean National Television Debuts Charming Animated Series Of Cows Doing Yoga

CHILE, January 17, 2014 (La Nacion): The new production that will debut on the small screen is the story of a group of eight cows that are led by a “cat guru” who teaches them the ancient Asian art . On Saturday, January 18th during the “Tronia ” preschool program which runs between 8:00 and 9:00 am, the ” Ooommm Mmmooo ” series premieres for the younger set (in Spanish).

It is a Chilean-Colombian 3D animated series, aimed at showing the benefits of Yoga to children. The protagonists are eight cows of different breeds that do different yoga positions that children can replicate at home. The instructor of the yoga exercises is a cat guru, playful and curious, flexible and spiritual like any good yogi. This cat instructor not only explains how to do the different yoga positions but also their benefits for both the body and the spirit.

The yoga poses are done in series by the animated characters and real children on yoga mats. The animation is based on the book Ooomm-Mmmooo yoga for children by Maria Villegas and Jennie Kent published by Villegas Editores.

Source: Hinduism Today