China is ‘religious’ly making an attempt to improve its ties with India

The negatives of India-China relationship are known to the world, but now it seems that both the countries are making an attempt to improve its ties with India, and here is how.
China has inaugurated a new land crossing into Tibet to help Indian pilgrims who want to visit the world’s holiest spots in both Hinduism and Buddhism.As per an Economic Times report, the first tourist group from India has already entered Tibet via a Himalayan pass mid-morning for the 12-day trip to Mount Kailash.

The opening of the pass was agreed upon last year, when Chinese president Xi Jinping had visited India and signed the pact for improving ties between the two countries.

China and India have growing commercial links and long historical ties, but their recent history has been overshadowed by suspicion and are yet to sort out a festering border dispute. But now, after an year, it is good to see both two countries making an attempt to resolve their border issues.

Image: Economic Times