Constitutional Monarchy and Hindu Kingdom- Identified Symbols of Nepal’s Sovereignty and Unity

Mr. Dirgha Raj Prasai Mr. Dirgha Raj Prasai

 The beginning of degradation of Nepal is the nefarious conspirator role of Congress (I) and its Intelligence Agency RAW. On 22 November, 2005, the 12-point agreement was reached under the direction of Congress (I) Govt. and its Indian intelligence wing RAW against the 1990 constitution to format the new constitution from Constituent Assembly (CA) to terrorize Nepal. Since that day, Nepal’s nationality and democracy have been endangered. India imposed the secularism, republic and federalism. The agendas of secularism, republic and federalism embedded in the 12-point understanding are not the agendas of political parties. Now, since May 2014, Congress (I) Sonia Gandhi’s regime has ended and the Hindu nationalist party-BJP is in power. It is very hopeful that the BJP party and Modi Govt. will consider to end the nefarious design of Congress (I) and RAW which was imposed against Nepal. We Nepalese people respectfully suggest to the Prime Minister of India, the Hon. Narendra Modi have to decide to boycott all about the conspirator roles of South Block and RAW in Nepal. 

Hinduism and its culture and traditions have a long history spanning over a period of thousands and thousands of years and developed over several eras. It is understood that human civilization started to advance since the Vedic age. Hindu religion is the most personally expansive and psychologically empowering religion on earth. It is a path that teaches its followers to be fearless, dedicated, focused, strong, assertive, self-controlled, virtuous, self-reliant, and to strive for excellence in all endeavors. Among all religions of the world, Hindu religion is considered as an ancient religion that is recognized as the foundation of civilization and as the most liberal democratic way of life.  Hinduism & Buddhism are the identities & cultural assets of Nepal. 
Nepal has been standing on the verge of disintegration for the last ten years. And neither the law nor decisions is working in Nepal. Due to the eccentric corrupt characters of the party leaders, the parliamentary system has not come to right path as well as the country’s development programmed can move. The parties are choosing the ethnic lines to operate themselves to break Nepalese unity in the name of Madhesh. The blockade in Nepal’s boarder is also the nefarious design of some corrupt Madhesis who had and have been guiding from RAW. So, due to the RAW nefarious conspirator roles, anti-India slogans are increasing day by day. It is high time for the Hindu nationalist Modi Govt should have to give the attention to maintain the cordial relation with Nepal regarding to keep in existence the Hindu kingdom and constitutional monarchy in Nepal.  
The concern of the Nepalese people is complete democracy. Hindu Kingdom and the constitutional monarchical democratic system are the identified symbols of Nepal. But the Congress and UML leading Govt. including U-Maoist declared the secularism; republic and federalism whimsically by the hint of EU-Christian nation in 20 Sep.2015 minimizing the demand of Nepalese people. We Nepalese people are suffering from the Congress and Communist party (UML)’s regime and Maoist who are guided by the RAW, CIA, EU and Christian Mission to fulfil their pretty interest.The foremost cause of the deteriorative situation of the country is the annulment of the constitution of 1990. What were pitfalls of the Constitution of 1990?  It was suspended without reason by the hint of Congress (I) Govt. These are the causes of crisis of Nepal. Nepalese democratic exercise faced the black period in between 2005-2015. During the period, the Nepalese people tolerated the worst political practice made by corrupt leaders. 
The Nepalese flag is very inclusive and represents to all the castes and tribes insisting the nature. The flag of Nepal is the symbol of unity in diversity. The Maoist wants to change the national flag. That is why; the intention of Maoist is to abolish the identity of Nepalese nationality. To change the national flag is irrational. The Nepalese people believe, Nepal will remain eternal till there is the Sun and Moon. The western renowned philosopher Voltaire, George Bernard Shaw, German scholar Nitse, Megasthaniz and Fai-Han has written many books supporting the Hindu philosophy expressing the evolutionary process of the world’s civilization. Hindu philosophy is incomparably greater intellectual work than the Bible?                 
Nepalese all around the world and Nepal’s well-wishers are anxious about the conspiracy designed by some deviant party leaders against the Monarchy and Hinduism. Nepal will not become a heaven on earth just because monarchy is actually abolished and republican system ushered in. Nepal has already received so much respect and identity for being a Hindu kingdom. The conflict between the political parties and the king came up because of the mistakes and blunders of the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML and the authoritarian thinking of the Maoist. It is a matter of great regret that Hindus are not being treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. 
We in Nepal are suffering from the madness notorious activities of Christians and its brokers to destroy the Hindu identity in this pious land. Senior leader of B.J.P Lalkrishna Advani had said: ‘The framework for constitutional monarchy in Nepal should be consolidated because monarchy is the symbol of Nepal’s identity and sovereignty. Nepal should have an active and dynamic multi-party democracy’. Present Home minister of the Govt. of India and the BJP leader Rajnath Singh said- ‘We used to feel proud that Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world,’ Singh said. ‘I will be happy when Nepal is a Hindu state again. ‘We used to feel proud that Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world. ‘I will be happy when Nepal is a Hindu state again. No one is appealing to the Islamic states of Pakistan and Bangladesh to become secular. But it was done in Nepal.’- 2010-3-22. Foreign Relations Department Chief of BJP Vijay Jolly said-‘ I am a Hindu who follows Hinduism. I am much upset as a decision on such an important topic was taken without taking people’s opinion’ July 4th 2014 Kathmandu. Hinduism is the foundation of human civilization. 
Nepal is standing on the verge of dismemberment in the last 10 years. When the relationship between the king and the people have been detached one can easily imagine, Nepal can’t remain safe and unified if monarchy is actually abolished from the country. Due to the nefarious activities of Congress (I) and its RAW, since 2006, Nepal’s situation has been gradually deteriorating and it is making thensions to maintain the good relation with China and India.  This is because our basic foundations are violated; consequently national unity and sustainable peace has not been achieved. The permanent institution- ‘Monarchy’ can put unites the cordial relation between Nepal, India and China. In between the two big neighbors-China & India, the monarchy had been playing a balanced role. Many countries where monarchy was displaced have now ceased to exist and several other have fallen into anarchy and civil war. 
Therefore, it will be totally inappropriate without knowing fully the ground realities. It was not for whether to keep monarchy or not. The constituent assembly is just a representative organization to formulate a new constitution and it does not have any right to displace monarchy. Can the future of the country be decided just because so called big political parties ganged up together? Those powerful nations, who in the past shed blood in Vietnam, North and South Korea, East and West Germany, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, are now trying to drag Nepal into a civil war. So, if the political leaders, including the Maoists, tried to trample on this truth, one should know that the existence of Nepal as well as the culture and traditions of India also will be finished. 
‘France needs to return to monarchy, as democracy is incompetent and brings the country down, French Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron told Le 1 Hebdo magazine in an interview according to Le Figaro. Macron regrets that the role of king is absent from French politics. “Democracy always implies some kind of incompleteness because it isn’t sufficient in itself,” the French Minister of Economy said, according to Le Figaro. French political life is missing a strong figure, someone who could decisively lead France. It’s the moment a new Napoleon appears, Macron said.’ >< 
It is a matter of grief that we Nepalese people are suffering from Communist regime in Nepal. Since 3rd Ashoj 2072 (20th Sep. 2015), the party leaders- Congress, UML, Maoist declared secularism and republic in new constitution which was imposed from EU, CIA and Congress (I) brokers and RAW to Christianize Nepal ending the world Hindu Kingdom. The King was no role in bringing this sorry state of this country. Nepalese people shall not remain quiet if these political parties try to destroy the identity of this country, their tradition and the basic foundation of this state. Therefore, this uncertain and precarious situation can only be averted if a balance can be maintained among nationality, monarchy and parliamentary democracy. Nepal’s independence, sovereignty and democracy can never be safeguarded by abolishing monarchy. If Nepal’s monarchy will be abolished for-ever, the power balance of this region will be disrupted. Nepal’s monarchy is the guarantor for peace and stability of this region. So, there must be in existence constitutional monarchy and Hindu Kingdom in Nepal with respect. 

Source: Review Nepal