Cow slaughter: Hindu outfits ultimatum to Government

A file picture shows Sadhus sitting on a dharna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to urge a ban on Cow slaughter. Photo: V.V. Krishnan.

The ‘Goraksha Dal’, Punjab and ‘Govansh Raksha Abhiyan’, Hindu organisations spearheading opposition to cow-slaughter along with other Hindu organizations on Monday upped the ante and issued an ultimatum to the Central Government to close down all the slaughter houses in the country by December 31.

In a statement issued on Monday from Ramnathi in Central Goa, at the venue of the on-going week-long all Indian Hindu convention on Monday, the organisations have warned that failing that they will act in a manner they feel suitable to close them down and the Government would be solely responsible for fallout of such actions.

The issue of cow slaughter has been extensively discussed at the convention which began on Friday, with demands that the Central Government must hold talks with the organisations and act decisively to stop the slaugher.

National spokesperson of Hindu JanJagruti Ramesh Shinde, Adv. Hanumant Parab of Govansh Raksha Abhiyan(GRA), Goa, Satishkumar of Goraksha Dal from Punjab, Amrut Singh of Animal Rescue Squad, Sudarshan of Goudnyan Foundation, Delhi and others have joined hands to make the demand.

The leaders of Hindu organisations sought to recall that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had opposed ‘Pink Revolution’ (promotion of meat export) ahead of Lok Sabha polls 2014, but lamented that the ‘Pink Revolution’ is continuing unabated even after Mr. Modi come to power.

Hindu JanJagruti Samiti called for a stringent law to punish those found guilty of cow slaughter.

As for Goa, Adv. Parab condemned the State government’s proposed plan for the mechanisation of Goa Meat Complex, State-owned abattoir at Usgao in Central Goa, estimated to cost around Rs.13 crore, and warned that GRA will take to the streets if the plan is executed.

The GRA had last year challenged illegal slaughter of cattle at the State-owned abattoir thus leading to a temporary ban on entire slaughter activity of the abattoir. This resulted in beef scarcity in the State inviting hackles of Catholics and other minorities and demands for the intervention of the State government was made forcefully by Catholic MLAs of the ruling BJP on the floor of the State Legislative Assembly.

Source: The Hindu