Creation of an Union Territory in the valley for Kashmiri Hindus a must, demands “Roots in Kashmir”

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Roseburg, OR (USA) July 1, 2014

Diversity-USA would like to congratulate the Roots in Kashmir for organizing the Round Table Conference (RTC) of the leaders of the leading Kashmiri Pandit organizations and their sympathizers in Delhi to discuss the latest situation in regard to the return and rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs in the Kashmir Valley about which recently numerous feelers were circulated by the functionaries of the Modi Govt. We welcome the initiative of the Modi Govt. for moving this issue from the back to the front burner and for its intent towards making some hard but necessary decisions to restore and rebuild the Hindu – Sikh communities of Kashmir which were totally uprooted, disintegrated and destroyed by the Kashmiri Islamists with the help of Pakistan, Taliban and Al Qaeda during the civilizational war unleashed by them against the non-Muslim minorities in 1989-90. It is a shame that the previous Indian and J&K regimes, paralyzed by their communal and divisive political behavior, utterly failed in taking necessary measures in defeating and repulsing the anti-Hindu and anti-minorities conspiracy of terrorists of the Wahabi brand.

Our profound thanks must go to the participants in this (RTC) who despite their diverse organizational mandates, in view of the societal and national needs of our times, successfully integrated their ideas and thoughts and came up with a well composed single resolution identifying the necessary path to follow for resolving the internal crisis brought about by the enemies of Kashmir and India. This resolution is dependant upon a number of important pillars:


The most important, crucial and extremely consequential proposal put forth by the resolution adopted by the participants in the RTC relates to the creation of a centrally administered Union Territory in the valley which is governed under the provisions of the Indian Constitution and has its own administrative paraphernalia outside the domain of the present Islamic regime. Without creating such an autonomous geopolitical entity, return and resettlement of the exiled people under the prevailing” status quo” will absolutely make them “sitting ducks” till their 8th genocide and exodus befalls. The Margdarshan dictated geopolitical empowerment of the exiled minorities is the only viable solution. Obviously creating such a geopolitical entity will require the reorganization of the whole state because the Ladakhis and Jammu-ites, being grievously hurt by the abusive arrogance of power exercised by the valley Sunnis, have been demanding their own statehoods. Their demands are equally just and reasonable. In the interest of expanding democracy, India’s national interest, national security, defeating the ISI and Al Qaeda schemes for creating troubles and for rehabilitating the non-Muslim communities back in their habitat such reorganization is absolutely necessary.


Regrettably India’s experiment of giving total power to Islamists in J&K has proved as disastrous and lethal for the non-Muslim minorities as it did in Islamic countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Therefore, playing with the lives of the non-Muslim Kashmiris after 69 years must end now and the plans that do not support the creation of a Homeland do not deserve any consideration whatsoever by the exiled communities. The proposals for creating townships, twin cities, concentration camps etc. are nothing but diversionary measures for derailing the onward march for the realization of a Homeland. Given the momentum of the Homeland movement and its universal acceptance the operatives behind these minimalist and outright defeatist alternatives may not be able to attract dividends from their supporters.


In fact since we are dealing with a purely political issue, in our humble opinion, only Panun Kashmir and supporters of Homeland have legitimacy and appropriate expertise for conducting discussions and parlays with the federal authorities on this all important issue of Homeland. The Panun Kashmir family has not deviated from its goal and remained loyal to the concept and philosophy of Margdarshan through out the past quarter of a century. They are the crop of people who can convincingly explain the merits and desirability of their goal. About the other problems associated with the Kashmir imbroglio the resolution said:

1) That the internal crisis in Kashmir was brought about by the ethnic cleansing and genocide against the non-Muslim minorities unleashed by the Islamists, militants, terrorists and separatists. This fact must be officially recognized;

2) That there should be an official recognition of the fact that the large scale crimes, massacres, murders, kidnappings, illegal occupation of properties, loot, arson, plunder, destruction of temples, killing of leading personalities of each and every significant segment of the non-Muslim communities were an integral part of the ethnic cleansing and genocide spearheaded by the Muslim crusaders against those who were not Muslims. Accordingly a “Judicial Commission” should be established to enforce the covenants for the prevention of genocide;


3) Without punishing those who committed these crimes the ends of justice cannot be met and without deterrence the re-occurrence of such crimes will remain well and alive. Therefore, the RTC very rightly demanded that Govt. should constitute a Nuremberg type trial tribunal so the perpetrators of crimes against the non-Muslims of Kashmir were brought to justice;


4) Simultaneously Diversity-USA asked President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, the US Congress and the India Caucus in the US Congress to review America’s policy towards Kashmir. The present US policy on Kashmir was formed when the cold war between the two competing power blocs was at its peak. Not only has the cold war, Soviet Union, and India’s policy of neutrality vanished but New Delhi has a new non-Congress Govt. desirous of building a strong relationship with the US on the basis of equality. However, this Govt. is headed by one of the most popular leaders of India, namely Narendra Modi, who was denied travel documents on superficial grounds for visiting this country. Undoing the adverse impact of that foolish mistake Washington can boost US-India relations by reviewing its India policy and by recognizing the accession of J&K to India as full and final. It could even ask Pakistan to demolish its terrorist training centers and other militant infrastructures existing in PoK and Pakistan borders with India. Calling upon the Western advisers to the separatist movement and Western Taliban to leave Kashmir could also help. These actions by the US are also necessary to prevent Kashmir from becoming the epicenter of ISIS for South Asia about which Pak-Taliban have already made public declarations. If these steps were taken before Mr. Modi’s impending visit to Washington that will certainly help in creating an environment of tranquility and friendship.

Diversity-USA strongly supports the unambiguous resolution for establishing a Homeland adopted by RTC in New Delhi, India and appeals to the people of India and supporters of democracy all over the world to stand with the disenfranchised and discriminated minorities of Kashmir for their political empowerment by India’s new Govt.

Source: Via WHN Publisher