Decision on Amarnath Yatra after Review of Covid-19 Situation

INDIA, April 25, 2020 (Indian Express): According to an official release, Lt Governor G. C. Murmu, while interacting with the members of a delegation of Baba Amarnath and Buda Amarnath Yatri Niyas here, observed that “due to the current COVID-2019 pandemic situation, appropriate decision on organizing the yatras can only be taken after periodic reviews of the situation, as a comprehensive planning and execution is involved in the conduct of the yatras”. “Around 20,000 health care professionals and 30,000 police and paramilitary personnel are working towards containment of Coronavirus, and their availability is also to be ascertained for the conduct of the yatras,” he added.

He assured that the government will explore all possible means required for the conduct of the yatra. “However, all these developments are subject to review in view of the Covid-19 crisis,” he maintained. However, earlier it had in a release said that it will not be possible to hold yatra this year in view of the emerging situation due to Covid-19. Earlier, members of the delegation made several suggestions like curtailing the duration of the yatra, allowing devotees in specific age group, preference for online yatra registration, commencement of Heli-yatra earlier and delay in on-foot yatra as per the prevailing situation and allowing yatra on only one route through Pahalgam etc. The 41-day Amarnath Yatra is scheduled to begin this year on June 23 and culminate on August 3.