Delhi and Faridabad : HJS Dharma-prasar activities in November 2014

HJS’s Dharma-prasar activities in Delhi and Faridabad

1. Rashtriya Hindu Andolan against Central Film Censor Board for certifying films which are vulgar, anti-national and anti-Hindu

Demonstrations were held at Jantar Mantar under aegis of Rashtriya Hindu Andolan on 9.11.2014. The devout Hindus were demanding the immediate dissolution of the corrupt Film Censor Board for certifying vulgar, anti-national and anti-Hindu Dharma films, and setting up of a new committee. Members of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Vedic Upasana Peeth, Hindu Suraksha Sangh, Arya Samaj, Indian Internal Society, Yoga Vedanta Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha as well as other devout Hindus participated in the demonstrations. A meeting of all Hindutva-vadis was held after demonstrations.

2. Participation of HJS in programs organized by other pro-Hindu organizations

2A. HJS takes part in the marathon-run organized by ‘All party Gou-raksha Manch’ : On 7.11.2014, ‘All-party Gou-raksha 
Manch’ organized a marathon-run for paying homage to activists who sacrificed their life for protection of cows. About 300 Gou-premis from all over the country took part in the marathon-run in which HJS also joined.

2B. ‘Love jihad’ -Problem and solution’, social media conference : On 15.11.2014, social media conference was held at 
Zandewala Devi Mandir Hall on the topic of ‘Love jihad – Problem and solution’. MLA Mahant Yogi Adityanath from Gorakhpur had organized this conference which was sponsored by RSS and Delhi zone (Prachar Vibhag). HJS took part in the conference.

2C. Participation in ‘Maulik Bharat Sanghatana’s national executive committee meeting : On 22.11.2014, ‘Maulik Bharat
Sanghatana’ had organized a meeting of its national executive committee at NOIDA. Discussions were held on national problems and their solutions with emphasis on being intermediary between the Government and people so as to take up problems with the Government. HJS also participated in the conference.

2D. HJS takes part in seminar : On the occasion of death anniversary of late Rajeev Dixit on 30.11.2014, a seminar was organized at Gaziabad. About 50 devout Hindus attended the seminar besides representatives of HJS.

3. Devout Hindus take part in Dharma-prasar

3A. Meeting of devout Hindus held with initiative from Shri. Veerendra Dwivedi, a devout Hindu : Devout Hindu Shri. Veerendra Dwivedi from IIT, New Delhi got associated with HJS through its website. He participated in Rashtriya Hindu Andolan. On 15.11.2014, he had organized a meeting of devout Hindus interested in joining HJS activities. 12 devout Hindus attended the meeting. They were introduced to various activities/ campaigns undertaken by HJS.

3B. Shri. Lalit Sharma, a devout Hindu associated with HJS activities through its website also took part in Rashtriya Hindu Andolan.

3C. Shri. Mohit Kumar Singhal, a devout Hindu starts Dharma-prasar after the first meeting : Shri. Mohitkumar Singhal, a devout Hindu from Gaziabad was given a special issue of monthly Sanatan Prabhat on love jihad by another devout Hindu Shri. Vinod Sarvodaya. He was very much impressed with the issue and contacted Sanatan’;s Ramnathi Ashram. He was happy to meet HJS members. He introduced them to other staff from his office. He bought Sanatan Panchangs and ‘sanskar’ notebooks.

3D. Gou-rakshak Shri. Bharat Bhushan Bharadwaj invites HJS for program on late Rajiv Dixit and organizes exhibition of Sanatan books : Gou-rakshak Shri. Bharat Bhushan Bharadwaj is associated with ‘Swadeshi Manch’. He introduced HJS members to 2 devout Hindus and organized a program on the occasion of death anniversary of late Rajiv Dixit. He invited HJS for the program as also arranged with Sanatan seekers for exhibition of books.

3E. Devout Hindu Shri. Pranav Singh asks forDharma-shikshan classes in Yoga-shala : Shri. Pranav Singh associated with HJS through Shri. Bharat Bhushan Bharadwaj, bought Sanatan panchangs and Sanatan’s books for his Yoga-shala. He has also asked HJS to conduct Dharma-shikshan classes in his Yoga-shala.

3F. Shri. Anil Ohari starts seva of translation for website ! : Devout Hindu Shri. Anil Ohari came in contact with HJS through its website. He spontaneously asked and has already taken up seva related to translations for website.

-Shri. Suresh Munjal and Shri. Vinay Panwalkar, Delhi 

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti