Demand For Resignation of Hindu Girls College Manager After Teenage Suicide

Hindu-GirlsThe suicide case of the 13 year old girl of the Hindu Girls College has triggered a number of reactions among the Mauritian public. The other students of the college are outraged at such a happening, and decided to voice out their opinions. They demand for the school manager to submit her resignation letter. However, the latter has not made any comment on the issue, and has not even provided an explanation. A meeting is scheduled for today (17.09.14) between the parents of the girl and the school management.

A group of students of the Hindu Girls College had demonstrated in the very premises of the school on Monday, 15th of September. They had banners that read “We Want Justice”. They are fighting for the cause of one of them who has already left this world: Beena Devi Joory, who was also known as Mahima. The latter was a 13 year old girl who had committed suicide last week. An incident prior to her death has been portrayed as the cause that led the girl to end her own life. She was previously accused of theft by the school manager who purported that the girl had robbed the mobile phone of another student of the school. Her friends and family relate that she was severely humiliated by the manager in question, and that this trauma might have led her to killing herself. The students are now protesting against the school manager and they demand justice to be done, which according to them would be to have the manager resign.

The demonstration lasted till around 10h30. After the morning assembly, the girls refused to join their classes to show their protest and outrage. The small group was later joined by other girls. The police had had to be called on the grounds in order for the situation to be under control.

While the girls were showing their protest on Monday, the parents of Mahima were in a meeting with the school management. They related that they had filed a police case and will soon organise a peaceful march in protest. They wish to voice out their opinions concerning managers of educational institutions who do not tactfully handle such situations with students. Another member of the family said that if the manager were innocent of the accusations, she is to explain herself. However, the latter has not been accessible.

Meanwhile, the school management has not made any comment on the current situation. Why are they not providing an explanation?

If the school management itself has not responded to all those opposing them, others have not stayed silent. A member of the Parents and Teachers’ Association has also demanded that the manager resigns. The students who have come together to decry what they view as injustice have also said that according to the rules and regulations of the school, the management stipulated that they will not interfere in case of mobile phone theft since the device was forbidden on school premises. The girls argue that if such was the rule, why did the school manager intervene and humiliate Mahima?

A meeting is to be held today, 17th of September, bringing together the school management and the parents of the students. Perhaps, the authorities of the school will now come forth with answers?

Source: Island Crisis