Demonstrations to be staged in Delhi if ‘Gou-mata’ not declared as ‘Rashtra-mata’

Gou-premis should realize that establishment of Hindu Rashtra is necessary so that it would not be necessary to stage demonstrations and hold ‘Jana-sabha’ constantly !

Mumbai : ‘Gou-mata (cow) should be declared as ‘Rashtra-mata’; besides this, there are 5 main demands. If the Government did not agree to these demands, demonstrations would be staged in February 2016 by all ‘Gou-premis’ coming together at Ramleela Ground, Delhi. The above warning was given by Pujya Shri. Gopal Maniji Maharaj.

A huge meeting was held by ‘Bharatiya Gou-kranti Manch’ under leadership of Maharaj on 1st March at Azad Maidan. 1000 ‘Gou-rakshaks’ and ‘Gou-premis’ attended the meeting. Pujya Shri. Gopal Maniji Maharaj, who had undertaken penance in Himalaya, has held such meeting in 13 capital cities of various States and the one held at Mumbai was one of them.

He will be holding such meetings in all capital cities of 29 States, during this year.

Demands made in ‘Jana-sabha’

1. Act banning cow-slaughter should be immediately implemented not only in Maharashtra but in whole country.

2. ‘Gou-ministry’ should be set up by the Central and all State Governments banning all chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers should be given grants for organic farming.

3. All children upto their ten years of age should be given cow’s milk for free by the Government.

4. Good quality bulls should be made available for increasing number of cows and ban should be imposed on foreign cows.

5. Person killing cow should be punished with death sentence.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat