Devout Hindus compel theatre manager to remove tiles with pictures of Deities

unnamedPune (Maharashtra) : Tiles with pictures of Deities were fitted in a corner of staircase of ‘Vasant’ Theatre so that people did not dirty that corner by spitting. It is, however wrong to use pictures of Deities to keep area clean. Devout youth, therefore, met themanager and forced him to remove such tiles. Shri. Santosh Chavan, a devout Hindu had gone to the said theatre on 17th January when he observed tiles with Deities’ pictures.

On 20th January, Shri. Chavan with other devout Hindus met the manager and tried to explain the subject to him; but he shirked his responsibility by saying that the decision making authority was Director. Devout Hindus then met Ashok Bora, the Director and explained the matter to him about prevention of denigration of Deities and warned him that if the tiles were not removed, demonstrations would be held. As a result, tiles with Deities’ pictures were removed on the following day

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat