Dharma-prasar activities undertaken by HJS during October 2014 in Vidarbha

Dharma-prasar activities undertaken by HJS in Vidarbha


1. Awareness created during Diwali festival
 1. On 15.10.2014, a lecture was held at Shri. Pavan Madhamshettiwar’s house on ‘celebration of pollution-free Diwali ’
 2. Awareness was created on ill effects of crackers at Ajintha Vidyalay, Vardha, Sindhi Meghe and Muktangan Schools, Hinganghat. The lecture was attended by 150 students each at both the schools. News regarding the lecture held at Sindhi Meghe School was published in newspapers Lokmat, Punyanagari and Tarun Bharat.
 3. Fifteen lectures were held at Vardha, Hinganghat and Gadchiroli which were attended by 350 women. The women later decided to celebrate Diwali in ‘sattvik’ manner; after learning the science behind its celebration.
 4. On the occasion of Kojagiri Pournima, a gathering of retired engineers and officers was addressed by Sou. Manda Dagwar at Hanuman Mandir, Gitainagar, Vardha who provided information about science behind celebrating Diwali festival.
 2. On 14.10.2014, Sou. Manda Dagwar explained the science behind celebrating Diwali festival on a radio station which had invitated HJS for the lecture. The manager of the radio station, after listening to the lecture, was impressed and said that such lectures on different topics should be held again.
 3. Handbills with information on Diwali festival were distributed at Vardha, Yeotmal and Akola and they were also displayed on walls.
 4. Sattvik Diwali greeting cards were given to Hindutvavadis, donors and well wishers at Pusad, Karanja and Yeotmal. In all, 30 persons were given such greeting cards and lectures were conducted creating awareness towards Diwali festival.
 5. Active participation by devout Hindus in Dharma-prasar activities
 5. A. Representations to fireworks distributors
 1. At Karanja in Yeotmal District, 6 devout Hindus attending Dharma-shikshan class gave a petition on denigration of Deities taking place through crackers by individually meeting 40 distributors.
 2. Seven devout Hindus from Dharma-shikshan class held at Akola, met 35 vendors and gave them a petition on denigration of Deities happening through crackers.
 5. B. Shri. Jaikumar Ahuja an active Hindutva-vadi from Badnera, Amaravati was approached for subscribing to Sanatan Prabhat, a monthly periodical in Hindi. He not only subscribed to it but also called few persons known to him, explained importance of Sanatan Prabhat; thus 9 persons decided to subscribe to Hindi periodical.
 5. B. 1. Shri. Ahuja invited HJS for a meeting at Badnera and explained the various activities of HJS to youth : Few Hindu youth had organized a meeting at Badnera, Amaravati. Shri. Ahuja came to know about this meeting and invited HJS to attend the meet. After the meeting, he earnestly explained importance of Sanatan Prabhat and activities undertaken by HJS to about 50 young men present there; out of them 2 subscribed to Sanatan Prabhat. Shri. Kiran Duse of HJS explained various activities and campaigns undertaken by HJS.
 6. Hindutvavadi teacher, Sou. Phuladi, who is also a reader of Sanatan Prabhat, explained the importance of ‘sattvik’ Sanatan products to her colleagues. She took the distributors of Sanatan products with her and thus Sanatan Panchang and ‘sattvik’ products were bought by even other teachers of the school.     
7. On 17.10.2014, a joint meeting was organized by pro-Hindu organizations and Sampradayas at Amaravati to create awareness and to plan protests against a slaughter house. About 25-30 persons, including representatives of ‘Veda Seva Pratishthan’, ‘Pashu-dhan Bachao Samiti’, Jain sect, ‘Vishwajagruti Mission’, Chhava, ISKCON, Gou-raksha Dal, Bajarang Dal and Yoga Vedanta Samiti; and other devout Hindus were present for the meeting.
A Gou-raksha Samiti was set up for protection of cows. It was decided to create awareness with videos, among people by visiting different villages, to lodge complaints against illegal slaughter-houses, to take out protect marches, to take care of stray cattle, to raise funds, to set up communication system, to meet the Chief Minister etc. It was also decided to hold meeting every fifteen days for planning.
 7. A. Shri. Manav Buddhadev of Yoga Vedanta Samiti takes active part in the meeting against slaughter-houses.Shri. Manv Buddhadev of Yoga Vedanta Samiti from Amaravati, when told about the meeting against slaughter-houses, attended the same along with 3 office bearers. He also took appointment of representatives of ‘Jai Gurudev Sampradaya’ and ‘Jalaram Satsang Mandal’ and accompanied HJS activists to meet those representatives.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat