Dilip Mehta – An American Hindu Leader, Contributes $200 for Hinglaj Mata Temple Boundary Wall Creation

L-R: Spiritual baba, Chetan Ram, Dilip Mehta, Vikram Parihar, Shailendra Badhuria . Dilip Mehta gave a check of $200 for temples wall creation.

29th Dec 2019 | Jodhpur, India

American Hindu leader and former Hindu Mahasabha of American president, Dilip Mehta visited the Pakistan Hindu Refugee site near Gokul Ji Ka Pyau in Jodhpur. He met many refugee leader, esp. Chetan Ram , who is based in Jodhpur since 2011 and other members from social service NGO’s who were present at the event, later he addressed a gathering of 250+ Hindu refugees , delivering a applauding speech on Dharma, Sastra and Shrimad Bhagwat Gita principles and thanked Hindu migrants for being so courageous in difficult  times and sustaining Sanatan Dharma . The event ended with sweets distribution and thanks note.

Hinglaj Mata temple site near Gokul ji Ka Pyau, Hindu refugee camp in Jodhpur

The site has a Hindu temple dedicated to Mata Hinglaj, the deity was donated in 2015 by a Mumbai based NGO, the two foot Marble deity was bought in Jaipur and installed and activated. It’s a prominent site of worship and events in this camp area where approx. 700 families lives. These families are one of the early 2011 -2014 migrants from Pakistan. The temple is on a rock hill in the middle of camp site and priest, who is amoung the refugees do perform Puja (religious work) from time to time.  Pakistan Hindu Refugee relief director – Rahul Chandra Sharma, whose role was instrumental in coordinating the procurement, buying and transporting the deity alongside Chetan Ram – Grp. leader, also performed Puja, Mata Hinglaj Aarti, Mata’s deity was cladded with a Chunri.

L-R: Vikram Parihar, Shailendra Badhuria, Rahul Chandra Sharma, Mr. Bhati, Chetan Ram, Associate

The temple lacks a boundary wall, because of which sometimes anti-social elements steal money from Mata’s wallet, throw garbage and other items near temple core area which disturbs the cleanliness required for Mata temples. The requirement was raised by Grp. Leader Chetan Ram during a tea session and Dilip Mehta promptly volunteered to support this by donating USD $ 200 (approx. Rs. 15000) towards temple boundary wall creation. Wall will bring dignity to temple premises and was a long standing demand of Pak Hindu migrants in this hill area camp.

Source: Pakistan Hindu Refugee Relief Program