Diwali celebrated in Manipur

Imphal, Oct 22 (UNI)-  Diwali, the festival of light, is celebrated in Manipur in a grandeur fashion. The state government has announced that all shops will remain open today in view of Id and Ningol Chakkouba festivals.

The shops in the Khwairamband Keithel, the main market of Manipur, has been decorated with dazzling lights. Governor S S Sidhu, said in a message, it is an occasion to celebrate goodwill and better understanding among all communities irrespective of caste, creed and religion, setting aside all differences. ”People celebrate this festival by illuminating their homes for blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped for peace, harmony and prosperity,”

Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh said. He said, ”Diwali is a festival of lights celebrated with gaiety and fervour to commemorate the return of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana to Ayodhya after the slaying of demon king Ravana. It symbolizes joy, brightness, happiness, the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. ”