Diwali fireworks

283611Diwali is an exciting time of the year for Hindus and non-Hindus alike, because often friends are invited to their Hindu friends’ homes to celebrate with them.

And without a doubt, the wonderful Diwali food is accompanied by the highly-anticipated fireworks display, often going on right in their back yards.

With this in mind, the Consumer Council of Fiji has highlighted a few things to be careful of when purchasing fireworks for Thursday’s festivities and the importance of taking absolute care when handling them.

“Fireworks remain the most popular highlight of the upcoming festival of lights. Consumers must consider safety and quality of fireworks,” said council CEO Premila Kumar.

“One must not forget that fireworks can be life-threatening if not handled with care or if dangerous brands fall in your hands. In the past, lives have been lost and families have lost their homes in fire caused by fireworks.”

She said the quality of fireworks being purchased was a very important consideration.

“All fireworks displayed for sale at low prices do not guarantee a perfect bundle.

“Check for physical damage and thoroughly inspect before paying for the item. Sometimes fireworks can get damaged while in stock. See if the packet of fireworks is old or torn.

“Check the loose fireworks for any discolouration, particularly where the wick is placed. If discolouration is noticed then chances are high that the stock is old and wet — avoid buying these pieces.

“Also avoid sticking to one particular firework and spending all your money on it. You may be surprised to find that buying assorted fireworks can sometimes get up to twice as many firework pieces for the same amount of money you would spend on single items.”

Mrs Kumar also stressed the need for consumers to keep an eye out for deals that seem a little too good to be true.

“Unfortunately, not all ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ firework deals are designed to save your money. These can be just to lure consumers into a transaction.

“There are a number of fireworks that are banned in Fiji and consumers need to beware of these and avoid buying them.”

Banned ones are rocket, moon traveller, whistling moon travellers, signal rocket, table rocket, rocket without stick, woodpecker, strikers, bangers, pulling string crackers, rising crown.

Legal ones are Roman candles, fountain, sparklers, spinners, wheels and selection pack.

Source: Fiji Times