” Donald J Trump is a man of his word” – Chelvapila Analysis

America’s President, Donald J Trump appears not only as a man of his word, but a man in a hurry. Hardly a week went by , he is already fulfilling his campaign promises working hard as President of US.

The following item is one such.

Reaction in US about his measure to restrict Moslem immigration from seven terror prone regions of the world is very mild, in fact laughable compared to very open borders and massive Mohammedan immigration or infiltration which ever you prefer, in India. The numbers speak for themselves, hardly US has double digit percentage, hardly there were attacks of the kind that took place in India, for instance entire Hindu population of Kashmir were made destitute, yet unlike his predecessor who was comparable to a great extent with Nehru, Mr. Trump with in one week is clamping down on immigration from ISIS affected regions given few terror attacks on the soil of US which did not happen any time during two world wars or Vietnam war . Is it possible US values American lives much better than various leaders in India about lives of Indians ? Just look at difference . In India various intellectuals and national award winners have returned their titles and awards incensed , but in US, true there are protests against Trump not just on this issue but against very fact that he got elected, yet kind of protests and reaction are mild and manageable as British would say. No American agitator or protester has ever said that US should be partitioned to accommodate an Islamic state .

When Assam was being inundated with massive infiltration as well as W Bengal on the way with the result , many of the districts have become effectively Moslem majority areas or even if minority still they wielded same clout , like in integral part of India, Kashmir , still what was reaction of left and secular parties ? They wait at border to receive with ration cards which can be converted to voting blocs for new arrivals from Islamic Bangladesh. Here in US , Trump is talking about ‘extreme vetting’ to exclude potential terrorists, in W Bengal ruling party office was found to be a terror cell. However only down stairs or upstairs was being used to make explosives,while the dedicated party works obviously were totally unaware what goes on in other section of their office building.

Trump obviously is not worried about any body calling him ‘intolerant’, since even worse was said about him by prostitutes-his word regarding those who leaked confidential material to smear him or his campaign.

What he has done i.e placing restriction on immigration from suspicious regions of the world, to safe guard life, limb and liberty in US, is what any Govt caring about safety , security of its people would do. Even if it is not their country, just to save their interests they take precautions . Otherwise to day Russia on one hand and US on the other would not be bombing ISIS bases in Syria and Iraq. Already many top Islamist leaders in Yemen or Pakistan got ‘neutralized’, with the cooperation of the regimes there. For Pakistan which runs with hare and hunts with hound, terrorism is a revenue source. US shells out millions or billions , and in return Pakistan helps, hands over terrorists wanted by US. May be because of this on going cooperation, Pakistan is not seen on the list of countries given below, from where immigration is restricted.

When President George Bush launched attacks on Taliban regime in Afghanistan, he said he was doing it to make America safer, may be that ideal hopefully can be achieved with Trump in office. If indeed, let us hope it will be so. When Radical Islamic Terrorism comes to any end, world can go about doing better things , allocating its resources to such mundane things like finding cures for various, until now, incurable diseases rather than get bogged down in a fight that belonged to dark ages of medieval times .

Best wishes, G V Chelvapila

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)

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