Ekal Arogya has initiated a new program for pre-medical students


Health Care in Rural India


“Medical Internship Initiative


Goal & Perspective


The vastness of rural India provides many opportunities to learn and fathoms innumerable medical conditions & lifestyle analysis opportunities, including the atmospheric, economic and cultural impacts on the health.

HFRI is ready to embark on a pilot project, “HFRI Medical Internship Initiative”, by taking college students (2nd, 3rd, or 4th year) or premedical students to India, exposing them to Indian medical system, common tropical and non -tropical diseases and rural health.

The program will be from Jan 2nd to Jan 14th at Ranchi – Jharkhand, India.

The student will be rounding with mainly an internist, surgeon, obstetrician and gynecologist and pediatrician in the renowned medical school in Ranchi to learn about common diseases prevalent in that area.

Subsequently, there will be two trips to remote villages to learn about the village life and attend HFRI initiative of anemia eradication program in women and children in Ekal Vidyalaya villages and attend general medical camp.

The selected students will be expected to learn, digest and write their daily journal, subsequently hopefully it may lead to writing an article about health care and village health in India.

We, at HFRI, strongly feel that this connectivity of West to East will be extremely valuable to the participants, giving them a great exposure to a different country, life style, culture, medical diseases, medical system, and above all, will make them broader thinkers.




HFRI Management Committee

Source: Ekal