Ekal Vidyalaya: Aditi Bhagwat Programs at USA

Aditi Bhagawat’s group had given some successful dance and music programs at the following cities of USA; 2 concerts in Jacksonville, one in Tampa and one in Orlando. The partners were local Gujarat Samaj, Florida Association of Physicians of India (FPAI) and India Cultural Center and Punjabi Association.

The well choreographed dance programs received the maximum appreciation for the artistes’ agility, grace and energy. The Jugalbandi and Kathak program followed was also liked by everyone. Aditi Bhagwat spoke about the yeomen services of Ekal to the audience quoting experiences from her visit to Ekal in India.

It was felt that future programs should be carried out with the support of the local organizations collecting more school children and present Ekal’s activities with precise and captivating speeches.

Adit’s Quote
“It’s with the support of the audience, that the artist reaches his or her pinnacle of success. Hence every artist, I feel, has a moral and social obligation and duty to give back to the society, the love and support that the society give artist. My venture with Ekal Vidyalay gives me such a sense of fulfillment. Education and literacy are one of the prime concerns of our nation today and through these charity fundraisers that I’m performing for in the U.S., I hope to contribute to some extent in facilitating education growth of the children who will give a brighter future to India! I am proud to be associated with Ekal Family.”

Source: Ekal.org