Establishing ‘Hindu nation’ on agenda at HJS’s 6th national conclave

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, the sister organisation of the Sanatan Sanstha, is holding its sixth all-India Hindu conclave, which will discuss the idea of establishing a Hindu nation.

The Sanatan Sanstha’s sister organisation, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, is holding its sixth all-India Hindu conclave in Goa this week. Starting today, the conclave will run until Saturday in Ramnathi, which is also headquarters of Sanatan Sanstha.
During the meet issue the HJS is expected to discuss issues including cow protection, Kashmir, and establishing a ‘Hindu nation’.
The meet is aimed at finalising directives that would help establish a ‘Hindu Nation’. The convention will be attended by more than 400 delegates from more than 150 Hindu organisations from across India as well as those from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
The conclave aims to finalise action programmes on issues including protection of temples, protection of cow, protection of Hindus’ symbols of honour, religious conversion. The meet will also address topics such as rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus, Bangladeshi infiltration, and the alleged displacement of Hindus taking in place in India.
Discussions will also be held on steps that can be taken to stop the alleged genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
Dr. Uday Dhuri, an HJS officer bearer, said, “Even though it is a matter of satisfaction from the viewpoint of devout Hindus that BJP, with the ideology of Hindutva is in power in Centre and many other states, many demands of Hindus are still pending for fulfillment.”
“Kashmir issue is like a chronic ailment. The stone-pelting and killings of Army soldiers have yet to be prevented…Kashmiri Hindus are still waiting for their rehabilitation. The Government does not appear to be taking any firm decision on Uniform Civil Code and rebuilding of Shriram Temple,” he added.
Dr Dhuri went on to say that the Hindu organisations gathering at the conclave will spread the idea that a ‘Hindu Nation’ is now essential.
Those participating in the convention include Madhav Bhattarai, president of Rashtriya Dharmasabha in Nepal, Maravanpulavu Sachithananthan, a retired officer who represented Sri Lanka at the United Nations, Swami Shribalakdasji Maharaj of Chhattisgarh, Sadhvi Saraswatiji of Madhya Pradesh and Ramsnehi Sant Shri Hariram Shastri of Bada Ramdwar, Rajasthan.