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hjshdrWartaptr: 25th February, 2015

The headlines!

25 February 2015 – Briefing Paper: News
(25 February 2015 Bulletin News: Headlines) 1. Ram temple in Ayodhya Hindu and Muslim parties try to mosque with!(Hindu and Muslims negotiate for Petitioners to TRY Building Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir Masjid Alongwith!) 2. Chief Mohan Bhagwat said, Mother Teresa was converted to serve the purpose! (Mohan Bhagwat says, ‘Mother Teresa aimed at social Work of conversion in disguise!) 3. Hindu leader demanded Pope: Yoga by the clergy to take action on the devil!(American Hindu Leader urges Pope to Rajan Zed A Discipline Priest who Satan linked to yoga!) 4. Pidilite Industries group of Hindu awareness committee demands: apologies to remove the ad by the Indian Army disrespect! (HJS demands Pidilite denigrating the Indian Army to Withdraw the its ad and apologize!) 5. Catechism: before entering the premises of temples leather goods Why float body? (Dharmashiksha: Remove Objects made ​​out of before entering the Deavalay Leather!)


Wartaptr: 24th February, 2015

The headlines!

Wartaptr 24 February 2015: News –
(24 February 2,015 Bulletin News: Headlines
-) 1. Yoghrisi Ramdevbaba Modi made ​​the rebuke: spend money on religious schools are not going to spend government money to promote the Vedas!
(but not ramdev Madarsas Baba Slams Modi Government for funding, for propagation of Vedas)
2. BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi, the Prophet Muhammad, the great Yogi!
(Murali Manohar Joshi Veteran BJP says, ‘is the biggest yogi Paigambar Mohammad!’)
3. The priest hostage in Afghanistan because of the intervention of Prime Minister Modi was left!
(PM Modi’s intervention paves A Way for the Release of Afghanistan from Christian Priest!)
4. Dharmjagriti House in Jalgaon, Maharashtra Hindu holy cow slaughter ban and sought Prgyasinh free!
(Massive Hindu Sabha at Dharmajagruti Maharashtra’s Jalgaon; 12000 Hindus United!)



Wartaptr: 23rd February, 2015

The headlines!

Briefing paper 23 February 2015:
(2,015 News Bulletin February 23):
News (Headlines):
1. Hindus were the prime minister Narendra Modi open letter in respect of all voting!
(An Open Letter to United Narendra Modi us by Hindu Electorate Francois Gautier)
2. ISRO’s former director Madhavan said Newton one thousand five hundred years ago, India was the force of gravity information!
(ISRO’s Ex-Chief Madhavan says, India had the Knowledge of the CONCEPT of Gravitational Force, the 1,500th Years before Isaac Newton!)
3. Ghost in Mysore in Karnataka to kill a judge Discussion: Hall 9 months off the court!
(Karnataka’s Mysuru’s Court closed for 9 months; Fears that the Judge of the Court A ghost killed!)
4. Saklai Goa Hindu awareness committee meeting organized by the Hindu Dharmjagriti!
(A Hindu Janajagruti Samiti organized in Hindu Sabha Dharmajagruti Sakhali, Goa!)
and (And)
5. Catechism: shoes appropriate place outside the premises of temples Download!
(Dharmashiksha: FOOTWEAR at Place A designated place before entering the Devalay (ie A temple)!)



Wartaptr: 22nd February, 2015

The headlines!

22 February 2015 letter talks
1. 28 Hindu families had hijacked by fundamentalists in Bangladesh condition: There Bleed Jijia, accept Islam or leave the country!
(Bangladeshi jihadis Captivate 28 Hindu families: 3 options kept – Pay Tax Jijiya, Accept Islam or Leave the Country!)
2. Popular Front of India in Karnataka on jihadist organization; But to act on Hindutva organizations threatening the Congress chief minister!
(Karnataka CM’s Congress threatens to take Action Against the Jihadi Organization of Hindu organizations instead Popular Front Of India)
3. Communist leader Prakash Karat said, need to deal with Hinduism!
(Communist Leader Prakash Karat says – We need to do away with Hindutva!)
4. Sanskrit language Bihar Patna High Court reprimand indifferent!
(Patna High Court Slams showing Disinterest towards Bihar Government for Sanskrut)



Wartaptr: 21st February, 2015

The headlines!

1. Popular Front of India in Karnataka Shivmogga jihadi activists stress after killing an RSS!
(Jihadi Activists of India Kill RSS Popular Front of ‘in Karnataka’s Shivmogga Activist; Atmosphere tense!)
2. Citudgd Hindu shrine in Rajasthan after the Agyaton Todfod by stress!
(Atmosphere tense saw Rajasthan after Chittorgarh Unknown miscreants Demolish of Hindus’ religious place!)
3. Bangladeshi women MPs by exposing the atrocities on Hindus threatened Goshji Rbindra Hindutvnisht advocate!
(Activist Advocate Rabindra Ghosh STAUCH threatened by Hindu Atrocities on Propagating A Bangladeshi Hindus for Bangladeshi MP!)
4. Catechism: On arriving near the Pantheon to express gratitude to God!
(Dharmashiksha: Offer Gratitude ūṇṭo God ie after reaching the temple for the Devalay Darshan!)



Wartaptr: 19th February, 2015

The headlines!

1. Jamiat Ulema said Mufti Mohammad Ilyas, the prophet of our Lord Shiva!
(Jamiyat Ulema’s mufti Mohammad Illiyas says, “Hindu God Shiva is our first Prophet”)
2. Northeast India jihadist organization Islamistan wants to! (North-East India into Jihadi Organization Islamistan convert to AIMS)
3. Bhagyanagar steal the ancient temple! (Theft in an old Hindu temple in Bhagyanagar (Pune))
4. One thousand five hundred in Goa pound beef cow guards seized the effort! (1.5 Tonnes Beef Confiscated in Goa, thanks to the Hindu Go-Rakshaks of Alertness!)
5. Catechism: temple to the god appeared to be leaving the house before prayer
(Dharmashiksha: Prayer to temple for Darshan BE Leaving before done at home)
6. Dinvisesh: the great saint Sri Ramakrishna February twenty Jubilee
(20th February: Great Saint Shri Ramkrushna Paramhansa’s Birth Date)



Wartaptr: 18th February, 2015

The headlines!

1. Muslim organization about the Hindu nation RSS asking six questions!
(Muslim Organization has asked 6 Questions to Hindu Rashtra on RSS!)
2. Jihadist terrorist leader of the Congress in Bengal was home to 8 kg explosive!
(8 Kg. explosives Found in Bengal’s Jihadi LEADER Congress’s House)
3. Chief of Telangana. Lord Shiva Rao Hindutvnishton movement against the show!
(Telangana: Hindu Activists of Hindu God Shiva by Denigration showing Agitate Against His Form in KCR!)
4. After the protest was broken by radical Hindus in Andhra Pradesh stone temple built by the police again!
(Andhra Pradesh: A Hindu temple Opposition Platform which was build to Police Forced Earlier jihadis by Demolished!)
5. Christians in Iraq’s army to fight the establishment of ISIS!
(Iraq: Christian Military ISIS counter to established!)
6. Vedic India in Delhi on 20 and 22 February Antrrashtrriy Session Setup!
(Dehali: Re-Establishment of International Convention begins on Feb. 20 for Vedic India)


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Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti