Fall in Proportion of Hindus a Concern’

praveen-togadiaBENGALURU: Expressing serious concern over the fall in proportion of Hindu population in India, Vishwa Hindu Prasihad Pravin Togadia said the tragedy of Kashmiri Hindus would hit every Hindu in the country if they fail to increase their population by having more children and eradicate the caste system to forge greater unity.

The VHP leader said this in the speech which was pre-recorded and played at the fag end of the rally.

Explaining the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s focus on unifying Hindu society, he said that specific programmes like ‘Hindu Family Friend’, where every Hindu will make another Hindu family from SC or ST communities, as a friend, would be launched.

 “These two families will celebrate all occasions together, share meals together and stand by each other through thick and thin,” he said.

Source: The New Indian Express