Fanatic Jihadis attack on Hindus devouts in Madhya Pradesh

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In a State ruled by BJP, fanatics can dare to attack Hindus is very shameful for BJP and its parent organization like RSS. How can such BJP protect Hindus from this as well as from other countries ?

Pritampur (Dhar, MP) : On 18th February when ‘aarti’ was going on in local Hanuman Temple, 60-70 fanatic jihadis attacked them with sticks and rods creating terror in the area. Despite BJP rule, it is the third attack by fanatics; therefore, Hindus are enraged and they have now decided to prepare themselves for self-protection.
1. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti holds ‘aartis’ in different temples every week.
2. In a temple in one housing society, there is a Hanuman Temple and ‘aarti’ was going on 18th February at night as usual. First 12-13 fanatics came in a car to attack Hindus; but about 70 Hindus present there for ‘aarti’ opposed them and fanatics ran away, threatening Hindus.
3. Hindu youth waited for fanatics to come back and after some time, returned to their homes. After half an hour, 70-80 fanatics came on 20-25 two-wheelers carrying sticks and rods etc and attacked 10-12 Hindu youth who were still in the temple.
4. As the number of fanatics was more, Hindu youth ran away. More fanatics came and tried to create terror in the area of that housing society.
5. Hindus could not go to police station to lodge a complaint as large number of fanatics were roaming in the area in the night.
6. Local devout Hindus went to the police station on the following morning with Shri. Yogesh Agrawal of ‘Hindu Dharma-shakti Sena’, and Neelesh Dubey and Naval Kishore Sharma of Hindu Mahasabha.
Three attacks by fanatics in BJP governed State !

Fanatics have attacked Hindus three times in this area. Fanatics are not able to bear unification of Hindus at Indore and they are trying to terrorize Hindus by attacking them. Despite BJP rule and local elected representative being a Hindu, fanatics are constantly attacking Hindus. Police reach place of incident after everything is over; as such there is no savior of Hindus. Local Hindus, therefore, expressed their anger and said that they would have to now make arrangements for self- protection.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat