Fatimah’s Letter To The Editor: Unmasking a token Indian and the quackery at the University of Guyana

19th July , 2017




Unmasking a token Indian and the quackery at the University of Guyana


Dear Editor,


As a Guyanese living in the diaspora, it has now come to my attention that Fitzgerald (Gerry) Yaw of the University of Guyana (UG) sent an e-mail to me which he also sent as a letter to the editor.

His e-mail cum letter was published in a few newspapers including the Kaieteur News on June 12th 2017.

Yaw was responding to a string of e-mails between the both of us as well as with UG Principal Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith and UG’s Ghana-born Omowale Amuleru-Marshall.

The string of e-mails can be provided upon request.

Yaw is an Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor of UG and one of the key organisers of the Diaspora Engagement Conference at UG to be held in late July 2017.

In the interest of fairness, balance and objectivity, I hope this newspaper will publish my e-mail message as a letter to the editor.  Here is it:

Dear Global readers, please note the following about Dhanpaul Narine and UG:

Dhanpaul is the USA Ambassador of the University of Guyana (UG). See URL Special Message video link: http://diasporaconference.uog.edu.gy/



Instead of statistically addressing my critical question about the ethnic composition of the UG conference organisers, faculty and staff, he accuses me and others of “spouting racism from the sidelines”?

Really Dhanpaul?? Really??

So were Rosa Parks and Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and all those great black civil rights leaders who fought for ethnic equality also “spouting racism from the sidelines”?

Token Indian Dhanpaul asked me: “I don’t know where you were when all the governments of Guyana were using and abusing UG.”

Where were you, Dhanpaul? Running and hiding in North America as a refugee from the terrorism of Burnham and Hoyte?

Uncle Tom Dhanpaul and his overwhelmingly numerical neo-white massas like Drs Gerry Yaw, Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith and Omowale Amuleru-Marshall, only NOW want people to “understand the need for all of us to work together to build Guyana.”

Can you believe Dr Gerry Yaw, Ph.D. of UG saying Guyana and UG must not be concerned about “counting numbers” when it comes to figures of ethnic Indian discrimination? Oh Lord, O Laad, Oh Gaad, help us …

UG would be a laughing stock in the world when Dactaa Yaw begins to lobby the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UN Committee on Racial Discrimination, the Australian Human Rights Commission, Pew Research Center, etc. etc. to stop “counting numbers” of people being discriminated in their statistical collection and data analysis methodology.

And dear global readers on social media, if you think Yaw is a tragedy for Guyana, hear what Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor and Principal of UG has to say.

He commended Uncle Tom Dhanpaul for dealing “appropriately with sociological barbs such as [the] repugnant missive.”

With all due respect, Dr Ivelaw, you chuupedee o waat? Dr Dhanpaul did not deal at all with the question of the ethnic composition of the UG conference organisers, faculty and staff. Not even “appropriately with sociological barbs …”

And dear Dr Ivelaw Sir, the question of discrimination is not a “repugnant missive” but a legitimate inquiry for which you must account as the Principal of UG.


As-Salamu Alaykum


Fatimah Mohammed

Chin Chin Road, Cunupia

Trinidad and Tobago



Source: World Hindu News (WHN)