First National Vaishnav Convention In Virginia Attended By 1,200

Vaishnava 1

The first-ever National Vaishnav Convention in North America was held last month at Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, Virginia by Vallabh Youth Organization, U.S.A.,

The August 7-9 convention was attended by an estimated 1,200 Vaishnavites from various states and cities of the United States, and abroad, organizers said.

The purpose of the convention was to unite Hindus/ Vaishnavites from various parts of North American to experience three days of “Bhav,” “Bhakthi,” and “Prem.” The convention showcased the values, teachings and philosophy of Hinduism as envisioned by Jagadguru Shrimad Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhu, one of the five great Acharyas of Hinduism.

In honor of Gusainji Prabhucharan’s 500th Birth Anniversary (second son of Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhu), the convention focused on informative lectures, interactive discussions, and practical workshops. In addition there were engaging exhibits, health and wellness sessions, and social networking opportunities for all age groups, including children, young adults, adults and seniors.

During the event there were cultural programs, satsangs, lectures, rangoli competition, and musical. Sarjubhai Shah, a trustee of VYO USA, was the conveyor of convention. Notables among the attendees were VYO chairman Parimalbhai Mehta, vice chairman Rameshbhai Rakholia, president Drishmaben Patel. Yogeshbhai Parikh, Bansibhai Shah, Biren Sheth, Parulben Modi, as well as other committee members from different VYO centers contributed to the program’s success.

Source: News India Times