Five South Korean missionaries detained and later deported by India

Five South Korean missionaries were held on 11th August, in Pimpri Chinchwad area in the State of Maharashtra along with Indian Believers for allegedly forcefully promoting their religion.

Shon Jeo, Saun Chyu Chyu, Sim Sumin, Jang Kunay, Fom Kingsu, all five S. Korean nationals, who were held by Pimpri police along with their Indian colleagues denied they were involved in proselytism activities and were not involved in any conversion attempt.

The Christians were distributing tracts going to each home in various parts of Pimpri Chinchwad area.The foreigners claimed they were gone only to the Christian families and not to any Hindu household in Ajmera Colony, Sant Tukaramnagar and held Bible reading sessions. Meanwhile, the police have postponed any action because of language communication problem faced by the South Korean.
Some Hindu organisation workers had protested against them that the foreign nationals had come on tourist visa and trying to convert Hindus. Members of Hindu organisations, mainly Bharatiya Janata Party and others, noticed this and handed them over to police.
According to sources, on Friday 13th, August, Pune police deported the five South Koreans which included three women.

The Koreans did not appointed a lawyer, and accepted their deportation. the police said.

Source: Persecution Update India