Flower Festival: Colorful Hindu Procession Causes a Stir in Germany

A_celebration_of_Holi_Festival_of_Colors,_Utah_United_States_2013PFORZHEIM, GERMANY, August 10, 2014 (PZ News): Many residents leaned out on their windows or balconies with their camera phone and many passers-by watched spellbound at the spectacle. A colorful and solemn procession parading the streets at the conclusion of the festival of the Hindu community caused a stir on Saturday afternoon. 

Along the Weiher, Joerg Jahn and Ratgeb roads the believers carried their Mother Goddess. This was the first time that the temple’s eleven-day annual festival ended with such a procession. 

More than 200 believers, mostly Tamils, some coming from afar, joined the procession and the ceremony, in festive dress, accompanied by music, drum sounds and the smell of incense. A spokesman for the Nagapoosany Amman Aalayam Association thanked the City Council for approving this procession, which has great significance and importance for their community.

Colorful slideshow at “source.” 

Source: Hinduism Today