“Forces at work to change ‘secular’ Hindustan to Hindu Rastra” – Azam Khan

azamkhanLUCKNOW: Speaking at an official function in Lucknow on Wednesday, UP minister Azam Khan hit out at the BJP government and said the world is witness to the changes in India, from Babri to Dadri. Azam said, “For six decades, Muslims have lived in India and chosen to not go to an Islamic state. It is because of their belief in India’s secular fabric. For how long will we be threatened with going to Pakistan?”

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Azam, who has been under attack for writing to the United Nations, asking for it to intervene in the murder of a Dadri resident Mohammed Akhlaq on assumption he had consumed and stored beef at his house also, said it is time for the Muslim community to rise and protest the attempt of a few Hindutva forces to turn Hindustan into a Hindu Rashtra.

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Advising the beleaguered minority community to remain non-violent but resist the voices that are trying to kill secularism in India, Azam said: “Aag se aag nahi bujhti, lekin humein un haathon ko marodna hoga jo secularism ko maarna chahte hain. (Fire does not douse fire but we will have to take on those who are against Indian secularism.)

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On Wednesday, Azam also attacked PM Narendra Modi for wearing Rs 2 lakh shoes. He said it’s hypocritical of a Prime Minister to seek investment for India on foreign soil, but fail miserably, to protect the interests of its people who want to live peacefully.

Source: The Times of India