Forum for Hindu Awakening: Greetings of Datta Jayanti, 6th December 2014

|| श्री ||
।। जयतु जयतु हिन्दुराष्ट्रम् ।।
Hindu Janajagruti                                                          Samiti
The birth of Shri Datta, who incarnated on the full moon day (pournimā) of the Hindu lunar month of Mārgshīrsha, is celebrated as Datta Jayanti. In the previous eras, the atrocities of demonic forces increased tremendously; hence, Shri Dattatreya incarnated in different forms and destroyed the demons. On Datta Jayanti, Shri Datta’s principle is 1000 times more active on Earth as compared to any other day. By worshipping Shri Datta with full devotion, one can derive maximum benefit of the Datta principle. Read More…
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