Free Ponnam Shankar From Saudi Jail To Save Him From Sharia Execution


Hindu man from Telangana languishing in Saudi jail for his ‘blasphemous’ FB post. Save him from Sharia Execution.

Upendra Bharati | HENB | Hyderabad | Dec 25, 2016:: Ponnam Shankar of Shalapalli village in Pegadapalli block of Telengana was arrested by Riyadh police in Saudi Arabia last month. His only crime was to post an FB post in which he showed Lord Shiva superimposed over picture of Islamic holy Kaba. He posted the pic on November 12 as alleged and was arrested by the shariah police on November 21, under the charge of blasphemy after thorough investigations by the local agencies.

As per available reports, Shankar studied up to sixth class and was migrated to Gulf nations to eke out a living with a job of gardener.

When Shankar’s mother and brother in India approached Gulf Returnees Welfare Society president “Chand Pasha” for assistance in the matter, he advised them to approach the Collector and added that “Shankar had committed serious crime as per Gulf Nation’s laws and he would be punished severely”.

As per Saudi Shariah law Ponnam Shankar, a Hindu, is obviously treated as a ‘kaffir’ and severe punishment of  ‘blasphemy’ is meant for ‘public execution (beheading)’ in any black Friday as the norms of the state.+ (WARNING: Graphic Video inside).

Though the family members of Shankar approached the local authority in Telangana for the rescue of the victim from Saudi jail, there is no development in any part in Telangana Govt of the Union Govt of India so far. The news of this incident was published in The Hindu in its web edition in 22 Dec+ and print edition in day next.

The news is leading to a beheading of Shankar in public without any interference of Govt of India as obvious.

If there is any killing of Shankar under a law of Shariah in Saudi, The PM of India – Shri. Narendra Modi, Indian External Minister- Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Ministers of States (External Affairs) – Shri Vijay Kumar Singh and Janab M J Akbar will be responsible for this cool blooded Islamic murder of a Indian citizen in Saudi Arabia.

The leaders of RSS, VHP also will be equally responsible as they haven’t raised any voice in favour of Shankar to rescue him from Saudi. 

But, to all fanatic Muslims around the world, Saudi and specially India,  we have a few straight questions and observations:

1. You all have collective responsibility for this arrest. If anything wrong happens to Shankar, you all will be the culprits. Reason is simple.

  • You are the ones who have empowered Saudis to run a state with such animalistic laws and behaviors.
  • You visit Kaba and never protest against such barbarism towards people from other religions.
  • You all aspire to run your lives as per Sharia- the ‘divine laws of Saudi Arabia’.

When such is your support and inspiration from Saudi, you will have to bear the responsibility when Saudis behave like animals in name of same ‘divine’ Sharia laws.

2. What is so wrong in superimposing Lord Shiva’s image over Kaba’s specially when whole Islam was spread through desecrating others’ worship places and building mosques over the former’s ruins? You were so outraged over a mere superimposition of a pic over Kaba’s but you have never felt ashamed that you have been doing this superimposition over others’ religious places for last 1300 years, not in images but in reality.

3. This Goonda (hooliganic) behavior of yours is prime reason for more than half of world’s problems and 90% of violence. But you don’t seem to understand.

4. How will you feel if Indian state starts whipping your a$$ for your demand of Babri Masjid over Ram Mandir? If you feel demanding Babri Masjid on Ram Janma Bhoomi is your birth right, We too have right to claim Shiva or Buddha on Kaba. Don’t outcry. Behave like men.

5. How did .Muslims in India and abroad  felt when MF Husain painted so many nude pictures of Hindu deities including Bharat Mata+ (Mother India) or Sharia for Hind published picture of beheaded Lord Shiva+ in their program propaganda?

  1. “Saudis have different laws and you must obey the laws of the land” is no excuse.
  • You never want to obey law of the land when it is non-Muslim. You try to run your separate Sharia laws.
  • You forced partition of nations through violence and rapes (1947, India) in the name of ‘Direct Action’.
  • You forced minorities to leave their ancestral lands forever with violence and rapes (Kashmir, 1989 onwards and from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan).
  • You never respect the sanctity of other faiths.

Islam means ‘peace jokes’  which don’t help when you don’t allow even a single Hindu/ Buddhist/ Sikh/ Jain/ other temples or Churches of Christians or Synagogues of Jews in all most all Islamic countries. And you are doing this to the same Hindus and others that have allowed you to build most number of mosques in the world in their land, even more than the Saudi.

7. Saudi laws are bullsh*t. State it. Because if they are not, Indian state can also declare all believers of Saudi laws to be a$$holes and put ban on their faith, preaching, religious places etc. You can imagine how you will feel. Perhaps you will run riots everywhere. So understand. Others too feel the same when you curb their rights in name of some shitty laws.

8. If you don’t mend your ways even now, We are clearly seeing the day when every person with skullcap or beard without moustaches or an Arabic name in market or train or street will be enough for others to feel presence of a terrorists of Arabia and fanatics of Shariah. That has already started partially in the European and American world. People don’t say it because they are too seasoned and politically correct to show you the mirror. But just to assess how normal world feels about Muslims, do a social experiment.

9. Give a passenger two options. There are two buses for same destination with one seat left in each. One full with beards and skullcaps. The other full with normal people. Just watch what he/she chooses. And you will know that 49 out of 50 normal passengers will board the normal bus. Just one will board the wrong one because he/she was busy talking to friend on phone and couldn’t realize what’s there inside.

10. People don’t feel safe with you. A Muslim mob on streets is enough to scare the hell out of a normal person. Its you who needs to introspect, why is it so when Islam means peace in Arabic dictionary or Quran. Isn’t the ‘Religion of Peace’ changed virtually a ‘Religion of Piece’ or ‘Religion of Piss’? 

You have to decide now. Because this world is governed by the law of Karma (action). And Karma iswhat goes around comes around.

If Islam wants to annihilate others, ISIS or Talibans are made the powerful agencies of Islam, the whole world will be united to annihilate Islam from this world. Every action has its equal and opposite reaction.

The Govt of India must take quick action to save the life of Ponnam Shankar confined in Saudi jail in a blasphemy case.

Every peace loving people in the world must raise the earnest and strong voice to free Ponnam Shankar from Saudi jail to save him from beheading in a perfect Sharia way.


__Input from The Hindu, Agniveer and Tarek Fatah.