Free Yoga for Mexico’s Boys and Girls to Ward off Fear from Earthquake

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, September 23, 2017 (El Universal, translated from Spanish): After adults or children have a traumatic experience, like during the destructive earthquake of September 19th, it is highly likely that there will be symptoms of post-traumatic stress, a situation where the mind is constantly reliving images of the earthquake resulting in insomnia, headache and especially fear. One of the alternatives you have, at any age, to calm and distract the body and mind from these moments of tension is the practice of yoga, the discipline that seeks to create a calm awareness through breathing and the postures of the body that help to relax the muscles.

In the days following the earthquake the people of Mexico City – including various creative people of the cultural and entertainment scene – have mobilized in different ways to provide support to the general population. In one such event, all children that come this Sunday at 11:00 a.m. to The Puppet Corner, in the Coyoacan neighborhood, will be able to take a free yoga class. Claudia Leyva, the instructor who will give this session to the children, explains to El Universal newspaper that when practicing yoga the mind is educated so that it can dissolve negative thoughts, moving away from fears and stress. Leyva, explains that she teaches yoga to children with games, stories and songs. For example, she gives each yoga position the name of an animal, to make it easier to remember and above all to make it more fun.

Source: Hinduism Today