Futility of democracy and need for establishing Hindu Rashtra

hindu rashtra

‘Act banning cow-slaughter is in force in the State of Gujarat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now, even in BJP-led Haryana, the Act is likely to be passed; then why is it not implemented throughout the country ? In other States, Gou-rakshaks have to stage agitations and have to even face ‘cane-charging’ for this cause !


1. The principles of Dharma are same everywhere. ‘Shodashopachar’, mantras chanted during ‘puja’, chanting of Deity’s name etc. is also same right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

2. Our nation is a conglomeration of different States. The Governments in all States are run on some basic principles. Governance may vary from state-to-state; however the principles cannot be different. If the principle is ‘cow-slaughter is against Dharma and consequences of such sin have to be faced by all people and country’ why is it applicable to one State and not to other states ?

Hindus should realize the futility and absurdity of democracy in this context. Are they going to be just spectators and watch this destruction or take action on this ? The only solution to all problems is establishment of Hindu Rashtra! Join the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra and do you duty towards Dharma ! – H. H. Shri. Sandip Alashi (3.1.2015)

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat