Ghar Wapsi: Make no mistake, it had started during Mughal period, says RSS

IndiaTv4e02b0_ghar-wapsiNew Delhi: Unfazed by the criticism over the issue of religious conversions, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) continues to maintain that there is nothing wrong in ‘Ghar wapsi’, the reconversion of Muslims and Christians to Hinduism.

If RSS is to be believed then it’s not a new phenomenon as it had started way back during Mughal period.

In a signed article in ‘Samvad’ , RSS ideologue Ranga Hari writes, “Although the name is new, it is long since the process of Ghar Vapsi has started. During the Mughal period, the Hindus, who were converted through deception or coercion, used to return to their parental Dharma, adhering to the procedure laid down in the Devala Smrithi. Later, during the period of the East India Company and the British, the Suddhi movement, launched by the Arya Samajunder the leadership of Swami Dayananda Saraswathi, started taking roots.”

He further writes that Hindus are facing the threat of extinction and therefore they have the inevitable responsibility of retaining their majority status in India, the only country where they are in majority.  

“Bharat is the only nation in the whole world where Hindus are in majority. Being a race facing the threat of extinction, the Hindu society has the inevitable responsibility of retaining their majority status here. Further, there is no denying the fact that the secularism and tolerance we take pride in, exist here in tact only for the reason that Hindus form the majority here,” added Hari.

Explaining the rationale behind the concept of Ghar Wapsi, the RSS ideologue says, “Hindu is intrinsically and inseparably connected with the geographical entity called Bharat. Hindus cannot ever imagine about a spiritual life sans Bharat. Hence, conversion of Hindus is not merely the personal affair of an individual, but certainly has a national dimension as well.”

Stressing on the need for an anti-conversion law in the country, Ranga Hari says that even Mahatma Gandhi was in its favour as he had said, “If at all I get an opportunity to legislate, the first thing I would be doing shall be banning religious conversions.”

The RSS pracharak from Kerala mentions that the present controversy regarding the Ghar Vapsi is caused by the ignorance about its background.

“The argument that conversion is acceptable, but not reconversion, is something queer .In effect, that would make the opportunity to convert or get converted the exclusive prerogative of some particular section, which is absurd,” he added. 

Source: India Tv News